Creative Fabrica, a club of font addicts enthusiasts

About Us

We are a small club of font enthusiasts. Our goal is to make as many high quality fonts available as possible for a fair price. While running a design & development studio in the past, we know the struggles of finding the perfect font. Often you run into complex licensing, high prices and even more often you find out that your initial choice doesn’t work for your project or your client.

With Creative Fabrica we are solving all these challenges and we are giving you the tools to optimally do your work.

All-you-can-eat Font Subscription

With our unique approach of offering an all-you-can-eat font subscription we:

  • Solve all your licensing problems
  • Allow you to have the same resources as big agencies, get access to hundreds of fonts!
  • Reduce your operational costs with most likely more than 99%

New Fonts Added Daily

We are in constant contact with the worlds best designers to have their work included in Creative Fabrica. We are adding new work to our library every day. This way you will never have to run out of inspiration and options. And the best thing is, you will always pay the same price!

We offer all this awesomeness for just $19/month. For students and hobbyists we even have a personal plan for just $9/month. With the time and effort you save you will earn back your subscription instantly.

We are making Creative Fabrica in the beautiful city of Amsterdam ♥. This beautiful city gives us all the inspiration we need to bring you loads of goods. If you are ever in the neighborhood and want to say hi or if you have any questions, feel free to drop us a line at [email protected].

Why not give it a try?

It will be worth it! Signing up is risk-free, you can cancel at any time. You will get instant access to our full library.

Using your fonts for personal use? Sign up for our $9 plan here.
Looking to use the fonts commercially? Sign up for our $19 plan here.

All our fonts are covered under our simple & flexible license. You can view the license here.