Craft Subscription License

This license applies to the Craft subscription. You can view the license for fonts here.

The Craft subscription comes with an clear an simple commercial license.

You are free to use all the files you download as part of the craft subscription for personal and commercial use in any way you like, for as long as you want, keeping 3 simple rules in mind:

    1. You cannot share or resell the files.
    2. You are not allowed to add, make small changes or convert it to another format and sell or share the modified design.
    3. This license is only available for business with yearly revenue of less than $750.000 (wholesale licenses available – contact us here).

It’s that simple! To clarify it even further, some examples:

You are allowed to:

  • Print the designs on cups, shirts, cards, etc and sell or share these items (unlimited amount).
  • Turn the designs into embroidery designs to create shirts etc that you sell/share.
  • Create glasses and give them away to who-ever you want.

You are not allowed to:

  • Share the designs with your friends
  • Turn a design into an embroidery design and sell that design.
  • Change small to a design and sell the new design (or give it away for free).

If you have any doubts if something is allowed or not, please contact us at [email protected].