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I am a very prolific artist specialising on conceptual art for book covers. I have a deep love for fairy tales and everything magic and you can find my personal art in many outlets.

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Felt Crafts

I am sincerely put out by the links to SparksMix next to our art with the info 'Not quite right? Re-mix with our SPARKSMix AI tool'.

My sales have been affected by this as people are more likely to re-mix (curiosity, cheap, novelty) than to buy a design pay ... Read more

New Procreate brush set available - 2 brush sets one for the moon phases and one for the Chinese zodiac.
Perfect for the modern witch!
Available at a 50% discount but only today. So be quick.

My new Dionysos font is now available. More to come. :)

Project Image
Project Image
Project Image

Brand new brushset - foliage.

Coming next: moon phases and moon calender set

Project Image
Project Image
Project Image

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to everyone. I will leave the discount till after Christmas. (50% off)

Ouija Board Basic Kit for Procreate about to go live. I am in the process of uploading it. :)

You saw it here first!

Coming next - the long awaited Procreate version of my Ouija Basic Kit (the other two will be added later) and fonts. I am still working on the tutorial for it and have a tester checking it out.
Plus, also coming are fonts. YAY! I have already finalised a versi ... Read more

My Little Black Heart Author

@Molly, the new Ouija Board kit is now live. The fonts will take a little longer

4 months ago
Molly Rox

Woot! Thank you!

4 months ago

Remember my snowflake set? I am working on a Procreate version. It's almost done and hopefully I can upload it tomorrow. I might even add it to the the little bundle... and those that ordered it before can download the new version at the old price. :)

Project Image

Coming later today - Christmas Decorations - gingerbread man, greenery, stars and moons and much more. Brush set for Procreate and PNGs for everyone else. Detailed and easy to use and perfect companion for my Christmas Baubles brushset. I will add a bundle at weekend ... Read more

Project Image

My new Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiig Scrapbooking Kit is now live. For the first 24 hours you can get everything in my shop, including the new kit for half price.

Project Image

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