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Peace For Ukraine ~ I am a 3D Designer, Graphics Designer, Artist, Photographer & Blogger. I created this mini dress and sunflowers using a lot of Creative Fabric fabulous Designer' textures, elements and fabrics to make the dress and the photo. I alsomade Facebook ... Read more

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Creative Fabrica
Shreya from Creative Fabrica

So happy to hear that you have created this amazing design using elements from Creative Fabrica. It indeed deserves all the likes and awards it has received so far. Thank you for sharing with us as well💙💛

3 months ago

3D Project and idea to make for St Patrick's Day! I created 10 seamless textures for this. #createdwithcf

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KDP Creator


4 months ago

3D Modeling with Seamless Textures - By using textures and png elements I create 3D items in a virtual world.  If the fabrics aren't seamless when I purchase, I use Photoshop to tile and prepare them.  This project probably took around 30+ textures the ... Read more

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By Creative Fabrica

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