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Best 20 crafts fonts for DIY projects

Best 20 crafts fonts for DIY projects Bild zum Hauptartikel
Gepostet am January 11, 2023 Von Odyssey Gohain

Top 20 Fonts for Crafts: the best typefaces for your next project

One of the best parts of crafting is getting to choose the perfect typeface that perfectly captures the essence of your project. Having the perfect typeface can make all the difference in your project, and it’s something that you can control. So take the time to find the perfect typeface for your project and enjoy the process. Whether you’re working on something formal and professional or something more casual and laid back, you can add the most popular fonts for crafts to take your designs to another level. Keep reading to see which font types work best for your next great craft.

For more choices, browse our resource page featuring free fonts. With so many fonts to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect one for your project.

Get creative with these popular fonts for crafting

There are many popular fonts that are perfect for crafting, and choosing the right one will depend on the specific look and feel you’re trying to achieve. No matter what your project, there’s a font out there that will help you get creative and add a personal touch to your work. 

Script Fonts

Script fonts are a type of decorative font that is based on the fluid, natural motions of handwritten lettering. These fonts are often used in typography or calligraphy projects such as print packaging and labels, signs, and other advertising crafts. Here are some of the best script fonts you can use:


Delish Font

Delish by BeckMcCormick in Script Fonts

Delish is a cute script font with a charming spin. This font has a lot of personality and is perfect for anyone who wants to add a bit of fun to their project. It is a handwritten, cursive typeface with playful serifs. Use this for cut-and-print designs or social media crafts.


Castelo Script Font

Castelo by inkyjar in Script Fonts

Castelo is a handwritten script font that features varying baselines and different weights of strokes. Use it for letterheads of custom stationeries, posters, invitations, and more. They also come with 5 premade branding kits that you can easily modify according to your liking.

New Lettering Font

New Lettering Font

New Lettering by art design in Script Fonts

The New Lettering Script is incredibly unique with over 1,000 glyphs. This font is sophisticated and refined. It’s perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any design. This makes it perfect for creating wedding or engagement cards, envelopes, or any romantic-themed crafts.


Wyldling Script Font

Wyldling by BeckMcCormick in Script Fonts

Wyldling is a carefully handcrafted script with a bold feel which is great for short texts. This font has a unique style that is both simple and playful. It has varying baselines and soft curls at the end of some characters, adding a bit of softness to its design. Use it for scrapbooking, photo frames, and more.

Soft Whisperings

Soft Whisperings Font

Soft Whisperings by joanne.hewitt in Script Fonts

Soft Whisperings is a romantic and sweet script that will add an authentic vibe to any design idea. This font is chic and stylish, perfect for fashion and luxury brands. Its modern and sleek lines give it a contemporary edge, while its classic shapes make it timeless and refined. We love the simple, soft detail of the Soft Whisperings Calligraphy Font. It is a modern script filled with elegance.

Handwritten Fonts

Handwritten typefaces are perfect fonts for designers because they are often very legible and can be used in any project, whether big or small. Here are a few examples:


Handroberg Font

Handroberg by leamsign in Script Fonts

Handroberg is a handwritten font with thin lines and creative loops or curls giving a messy aesthetic. It has a variety of alternatives and ligatures that will help you find the best kind for a project. This font is suitable for wedding invitations, greeting cards, quote cards, headers, and much more.

King Basil

King Basil Font

King Basil by GeekMissy in Script Fonts

King Basil is a soft, playful handwritten font that reminds you of soft ocean waves. This font is known for its long extensions and for being very easy to read. The reason why it is so easy to read is because the letters are very well spaced out. It has over 400 glyphs, making it a popular choice for crafters who make printable coloring cards, posters, and wall art.

Home Sweet

Home Sweet Font

Home Sweet by Jorse Creative in Script Fonts

Home Sweet is a handwritten font with beautiful flowing characters. This font is elegant and classic, with a minimalistic design that makes it perfect for intimate occasions. Whether you’re writing a love letter or a birthday card, this font will give your words a special touch. Its long swashes make it perfect for designing brochures, t-shirts, and branding kits.

Handrawn Monogram

Handrawn Monogram Font

Handrawn Monogram by Letterayu in Script Fonts

Perfect for styling cross stitch designs and initials, the Handrawn Monogram is a charming handwritten font. Be enchanted with its simple yet bold style and use it to create beautiful stationery art, eye-catching social media posts, and lovely greeting cards.

Vintage Handmade

Vintage Handmade Font

Vintage Handmade by cans studio in Script Fonts

Vintage Handmade is a simple and timeless handwritten font. It is the best choice for creating beautiful logos, quote cards, and greeting cards for your loved ones. I really like this font because it looks clean and stylish. It’s easy to read and it’s modern without being too over the top.

Display Fonts

Let our display typefaces bring your crafty font ideas alive. They match almost any style or theme you can think of so you know they’re as versatile as they come. Here are some of our favorites:

Awesome Newbie

Awesome Newbie Font

Awesome Newbie by Rizkky (7NTypes) in Display Fonts

For a cheerful display font, try the Awesome Newbie. Its chubby characters and bright colors make it a must-have for crafts for kids! Use it to make posters in classrooms, flash cards, activity books, and more.

Getting Easier

Getting Easier Font

Getting Easier by Damai (7NTypes) in Display Fonts

Getting Easier is an adorable display font that’s sure to add a sense of uniqueness to your designs. This font is playful and imaginative. This is perfect for making invitation cards, banners, and video edits.

Paper Cutout

Paper Cutout Font

Paper Cutout by Naughty Pen in Display Fonts

Inspired by fun lettering crafts, Paper Cutout is a trendy block script font. This font has a handcrafted feel, giving a collage effect to your projects. Bold and playful, this font is ideal for scrapbooking, door signs for your kids’ playroom, and other playful projects.


Monday Font

Monday by dignity.std in Display Fonts

For a vintage look, try the Monday font. It is a bold display font with a classic, Western vibe. This font is vintage and has a masculine edge to it. It would be perfect for a website or blog that is geared towards men or has a masculine theme. Use it for making crafts featuring cartoons, book covers, calendars, and more.

Sophia Cute

Sophia Cute Font

Sophia Cute by Fox7 in Display Fonts

As it says in the name, Sophia Cute is a cute display font. It features bright, pastel colors and fun designs in its characters, making it perfect for themed designs like Easter party invitations or banners, playroom wallpapers, and more.

Sans Serif Fonts

Sans serifs are perfect crafting fonts for casual or laidback projects. We’ve listed down 5 of the most common choices below:


Gianna Font

Gianna by vladfedotovv in Sans Serif Fonts

Gianna is an elegant and minimalist sans serif font that will make your projects stand out. Use this embossing or engraving kitchenware and utensils, bathroom towels, aprons, and more.


Mograph Font

Mograph by RockboyStudio in Sans Serif Fonts

Mograph is a modern sans serif font that has clean, thin lines. This is the ideal font for designing quote cards, photo frames, signages, and more. This font is both bold and clear, making it perfect for any situation where you need to convey a message. Whether you’re writing a paper or making a sign, this font will ensure that your words are seen and understood.

The Island

The Island Sans Font

The Island by BeckMcCormick in Sans Serif Fonts

The Island is a playful sans serif font that evokes the relaxed vibe of island life. With its varying baselines and mixture of upper and lowercase letters, it adds a unique touch to crafts like shirts, coastal branding kits, cards, and more.


Indigo Font Duo Font

Indigo by Salt and Pepper Fonts in Sans Serif Fonts

Indigo is a bold duo font featuring chunky letters that perfectly complement each other. Use one or combine both fonts for a sophisticated look for projects like stationery art, printables, and even website designs.

Robima Merttha Duo Font

Robima Merttha Duo Font

Robima Merttha by Storytype Studio in Sans Serif Fonts

Robima Merttha is another modern duo font featuring sans serif and script styles. This font is both bold and feminine, making it perfect for a wide range of projects. Whether you’re looking to add a touch of glamour to your latest design or want to create something truly unique, this font is definitely worth considering. This is perfect for designing crafts that evoke luxury and sophistication like magazine headers, logos, and journal covers.

Serif Fonts

For a more formal look, try using serif fonts for your designs. Here are some of our recommended typefaces:


Wensley Font

Wensley by Creative Tacos in Serif Fonts

Wensley is a modern serif font with timeless elegance. It features many glyphs that pair well with other script fonts or handwritten calligraphy typefaces. Use it for making DIY message boards, refrigerator statement magnets, and more.

Mighty Wings

Mighty Wings Font

Mighty Wings by Typia Nesia in Serif Fonts

For a more creative choice, go for the Mighty Wings. It is a delicate serif font with touches of flowing swashes that exudes elegance and class. Use this font for a refreshing take on crafts like journals, letterheads, and scrapbooks.

Mommy Cookies

Mommy Cookies Font

Mommy Cookies by Damai (7NTypes) in Serif Fonts

If there’s a font that could remind you of that warm, fuzzy feeling you get when you smell your mother’s freshly-baked goodies, then Mommy Cookies takes the cake! It’s a playful and unique typeface that looks perfect for designing needlecraft, kitchenware labels, and personalizing oven mitts.


Glacherass Font

Glacherass by TypeFactory in Serif Fonts

For a contemporary design, try the Glacherass font. This is the perfect font to use if you want to combine classic influences with modern aesthetics. Its varying baselines make it perfect for designing postcards, signages, websites, and more.


Brooklyn Font

Brooklyn by Brown Cupple Design in Serif Fonts

Lastly, try the Brooklyn font for a laidback vibe. Whether you’re looking to create a fun and friendly design or something more whimsical and lighthearted, this font is a great choice. It evokes equal levels of playfulness and authenticity, making it a common choice for making blog post headers, kitchen canister labels, and graphic wall art.

We hope this article on the best fonts for crafting projects was able to help you. If you want to browse more premium fonts, check out our digital library. While you’re at it, you can also learn about the different types of fonts and how to use them.

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