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How To Use Fonts in Cricut Design Space

A guide how to add new fonts to Cricut Design Space.

What can be more fun than playing around with fonts when designing in Cricut Design Space? Cricut offers a set of basic fonts, but you can easily add your own fonts and get creative with gorgeous script fonts or quirky display fonts. In this article we will show you how you can install a font to use it in Cricut Design Space.

How can you install fonts in Cricut?

  1. Double check the font is installed in your system.
  2. Close & restart Cricut Design Space.
  3. Select ‘Add Text’ in the left hand column.
  4. Write out your desired text, and then select the ‘Font’ Dropdown.
  5. Click ‘System Fonts’ to load your installed font, and Voila!

Install the font

Cricut Design Space uses installed fonts. This means you have to install the font on your system first. We have written a simple guide on how to install fonts:

Use your installed font in Cricut Design Space

Using your font in Cricut Design Space is simple.

After you installed your font make sure to completely close Cricut Design Space and start it again. If you don’t do this it might be that the new font doesn’t load properly.

First, Click the “Add Text” button to start adding your text.

Write your text, make sure the text is selected and click on the “Font” dropdown.

By default, “All Fonts” is selected. On the task bar select “System Fonts”. It will load your installed fonts on your computer which might take a couple of seconds.

Now you can select the font you want to use, in this we’ve chosen Lovely Buttering Sans.

Now the text will be displayed in your chosen font!

It’s simple as that! Now you can just use it like any other font and change settings such as size and letter spacing.

How to use swashes and special characters in Cricut Design Space?

Do you want to use those beautiful swash characters, or extra characters in Cricut but cannot seem to find them anywhere? No problem, we have written an easy guide how you can use PUA encoded characters in Cricut Design Space.


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