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Can these Embroidery designs be used for Machine Embroidery?

Yes, all files sold under Creative Fabrica's Embroidery category can be used to stitch out embroidery designs on your Embroidery Machine.

Please note that products are digital files, which are available for instant download as soon as you complete your purchase or download it with your All Access Subscription Plan.

Do the Embroidery designs include a commercial license?

Yes, all products purchased from Creative Fabrica include a commercial license. There is no limit to the amount of sales that you can make with the products. Please read our license specifications for our Subscription License and our Single Sales License for further information.

With which subscription plan can I get access to the Embroidery designs?

With the All Access Subscription you will get unlimited access to our entire Embroidery library, as well as all our other content libraries; fonts, graphics and crafts.

Which Embroidery file formats are included in the download?

All Embroidery designs come in different types of Embroidery file formats. On the individual product pages you will be able to preview which file formats are included in the download.

Can I convert the Embroidery files to the file format that I need for my Embroidery Machine?

Yes, once you have purchased/downloaded the design you are allowed to convert the file into the Embroidery file format that you need for your machine.

Where can I find more information about the Embroidery design, such as number of color changes, stitch count and specific size?

On the individual product pages you can find further stitching information about the Embroidery Design. The products also include a PDF with sewing information. You can always preview this PDF on the product pages before you purchase/download the design.

Why don't the Embroidery Design colors match the photo on the product page?

When you load the Embroidery design into your Embroidery machine or software, the colors of the design might not match the colors on the image of the product page or on the sewing information PDF. The reason why this happens is because the thread and color data of the Embroidery design cannot always be stored between the various embroidery file formats, and when an embroidery file is converted to another file format, the colors can change.

To get the accurate thread colors, please follow the color chart instructions on the sewing information PDF.

I don't have the hoop size listed on the product page, can I still stitch the design?

Yes, the hoop size listed on the product page is the minimum hoop size for that particular design. You can use a bigger hoop to stitch the design, but not a smaller hoop as the design won't fit.

What does Digitized by Hand & Auto-Digitized mean?

Digitized by Hand means that the Embroidery Design was digitized by an Embroidery Designer in an Embroidery software. This usually guarantees a better quality.

Auto-digitized means that the design was digitized by a computer program. When an Embroidery file is digitized like this the quality can be more uncertain. To check the quality of the file you can always check the PDF with more sewing information.