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I made a 3D cookie cutter & decorated with royal icing

Imagen del Proyecto
Cathy Ulich Autor

Linnea- I used the bw image as an outline & imported it into cookiecad to create a file I could import into slicing software. I used photoshop for the color image to figure out the colors to match with my food coloring gels.

hace 9 months
Creative Fabrica
Linnea de Creative Fabrica

Wow, these are so beautiful! The details are stunning😍 Would love to know how you made these with the craft file💕

hace 9 months
Creative Fabrica
Danitscha Zieren de Creative Fabrica

WOW! These look so beautiful I would feel bad eating them

hace 9 months
Rin Green

Wow! Cool😍

hace 9 months
Olive & Pearl

I looooove these!

hace 9 months

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