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Script Font Styles

Script Font Styles imagen principal del artículo
Publicado el March 29, 2023 por Samantha Cullen

Script fonts are a special group of fonts that have a handwritten look to them. There are many designs to choose from and they’re a popular choice for crafts. With such a large variety, there is sure to be one to inspire your next craft adventure or add to your ongoing projects. In this post, I’ll explain what a script font is and how best you can use them in your blog posts or craft projects! (And if you don’t already have one on the go, check out some free craft ideas here!)

What is a Script Font?

You may have seen script fonts described as calligraphy fonts, handwriting, or cursive. They are used to capture the flourish and artistry of handwriting and are often varied in thickness due to the fluid nature of hand lettering.

They can be neat and elegant or scrawled across the page. The letters are often joined together with ligatures and they can have swirling “swashes” at the edges.

What’s the Difference Between Script Fonts and Other Fonts?

Fonts can be broken down into five main categories: serif, sans serif, slab serif, decorative, and script. “Serifs” are the decorative feet at the top and bottom of each letter, like in Times New Roman. An example of a sans-serif font is Arial. Decorative fonts usually stray from tradition and use shadows, lines, and shapes to create unique letters.

So how is a script font different from all of these? They are the only ones that look as though they could have been hand drawn. They often evoke sentiments of elegance, creativity, femininity, and liberty.

So, What Are Some of the Script Fonts You Can Use?

Here, I’ll break the different script font types into smaller categories and show how they differ from each other, along with giving you some ideas of what kind of projects you might use them for.

Calligraphy Script Fonts

Calligraphy is its own art form, but luckily for those of us that don’t have the talent or time to add this special flourish to our projects, we have this set of fonts. Calligraphy script fonts mimic the elegant strokes of hand-drawn calligraphy, lending a stylish hand to our projects. Despite the generic sound of it, there are hundreds of different calligraphy fonts you can choose from. This font, called simply Calligraphy Script, is a simple, formal, and tightly written font, easy to read with a minimal flourish. In contrast, Halbert has a thicker stroke with the letters spaced farther apart. This last one, Castley, is a beautiful handwritten font with a more casual feel. These types of fonts are perfect for when you want an elegant look, like a wedding invitation or announcement.

Brush Script Fonts

Brush scripts have the look of being painted, with broader and looser strokes than the calligraphy scripts, but there are also many different ways that this can be presented. Some of the fonts lean heavily on the brush look, like with Paint Brush Script, but still have an elegant feel to them. Then you have one like Blacklife, which is a lot more casual. The fonts will almost always have texture to them; lines that imitate the spaces in a brush, or soft edges. Brush scripts are great for an informal look, like posters and signage.

Fancy Script Fonts

Fancy script fonts are usually more ostentatious, and when used effectively they can be very appealing! They often have more of a decorative flourish to them, with lavish swashes at the beginning and end of the words. This script font can look amazing, but choose carefully; some words can be hard to read with this type of font, and it’s rarely a good choice for a title. Otentic has a lovely, scrawly look to it, reminiscent of a signature, while Kaliarta uses varying weights in the letters, which aren’t joined with a ligature. Wright Brothers is a font with high contrast between the sizes of the capital and lowercase letters. For a dramatic look, Filmora uses sweeping swashes and looping ligatures. These fonts are great for a dramatic single word or phrase.

Modern Script Fonts

Modern script fonts have a contemporary and polished look to them. They are often more minimalistic than other script fonts and can lend sophistication to your projects without being over the top. The Frost Modern Script Font is a versatile option, with long sweeping strokes and minimal flourishes.

How Can You Choose the Right Font for Your Project?

With so many fonts out there, which one is the right one for you? This one is going to take a little trial and error, but there are a few questions you can ask yourself to help narrow it down. What is the feel you’re going for? If it’s playful and fun, a brush script or modern script could be a great option. Sophisticated? Try out some of the calligraphy scripts, or even a fancy script! We’ve put together twenty of the best fonts for formal and casual branding here to get you started.

But how can you tell whether the font you’ve chosen will work with your words? The good news is that you can try them out first! Most fonts have the option to try out your text, and on Creative Fabrica you will find the text box to do this underneath the description of your chosen font.

Tips to Keep In Mind When Choosing a Font

Make Sure It’s Legible

This will depend on your use. If you only have a small amount of text, then an ornate script font could work well, but try it out in the generator first. Certain letters might be difficult to read next to each other, especially if the spaces between letters are tight. When using small text choose a less ornate font.

It’s best to keep script fonts for smaller pieces of text. The longer it is, the harder it is to read, and can end up straining your reader’s eyes — the best way to lose their interest!

Don’t Use All Caps

Script fonts look great with an oversized capital letter at the start of the word, but they’re not the best choice for an entirely capitalized word. Because script fonts are designed to link together visually, all caps just don’t work and defeat the design purpose of the font.

Pair a Script Font with a Less Elaborate Font

A mixture of fonts looks excellent! Think decorative quotes with a mix of script and non-script words, or headings and subheadings. With the right pairing, you’ll draw in your viewer’s eye and highlight what you want them to see. Sans serif fonts work particularly well with script fonts with their no-nonsense simplicity. You can also use a serif font, but keep it to the simpler versions. Again, trial and error is the best way to see what will look best together, but balance is key.

Don’t Use More than One Script Font

Script fonts are beautiful, but stick with the less is more rule. Having two or more designs together will look messy and be difficult to read.

With so many fonts available, including all of these free fonts at Creative Fabrica, you’re sure to find the right one for your project! And for more ideas, check out this blog post on different font styles and how to use them.

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