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Free online JPG to SVG converter

Convert your JPG to SVG for Cricut and other design projects for free. With the JPG to SVG file converter, you can vectorize your JPG online so you can use your image on your logo design, large-format printables, and other images

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Vectorize JPEG
Free & Online JPEG to SVG converter free
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Vectorize Your JPG Images

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Convert your JPG to SVG in secondsTo vectorize your JPG online, just access the free JPG to SVG converter, upload your JPG image, and convert to SVG – no need to install a separate converter or learn advanced editing.
Image Enhancer
Make your image more versatileWant to use your JPG for complex or large-scale designs? Vectorize your JPG. You can convert your JPG to SVG for Cricut and other designs that require you to stretch your image without ruining the quality.
Image Enhancer
Download or keep editingConvert JPG to SVG with the free JPG to SVG converter and do so much more with your file. Vectorize your JPG file within seconds and use these files to stretch your creativity.
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The only JPG to SVG file converter you could possibly need

With Creative Fabrica’s online JPG to SVG converter, you can easily vectorize your JPG for free. With just a few clicks, you can convert JPG to SVG for Cricut and other design requirements. No advanced editing app or skills needed – just upload your JPG online for free and convert it to SVG.

Convert your image files anytime, anywhere

Access the JPG to SVG converter on any browser, as long as you can go online on your device. Convenient for content creators and social media influencers who want to create SVGs on the go, the online vectorizer tool works fast and easy, allowing you to publish your image wherever you are.

JPG to SVG free
vectorize JPEG

Broaden the possibilities of your JPG

While vectorizing your JPG for free, you can do so much more with your file. SVG or Scalable Vector Graphics is the ideal image file type if you want to do more than just share your image online. You can convert your JPG to SVG for Cricut and download it, plain and simple. If you need to resize your image for posters, billboards both print and digital, you can convert your JPG to PNG and freely stretch your images with zero worries about its image quality. Do all these and more when you convert your JPG to SVG for free.

Your universal image vectorizer

Vectorize images in other image formats with the same converter tool you use to turn your JPG into an SVG. The PNG to SVG converter functions the same way – simply upload your PNG file and convert it to an SVG with a click. With your vectorized image, you can resize worry-free for various design purposes.

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How to use Creative Fabrica's JPG to SVG Converter


Upload your image

convert JPG to SVG free

Grab your JPG file to convert to SVG for free.


Vectorize your JPG

JPG to SVG converter

Automatically convert JPG to SVG for free with a few clicks.


Save your file

convert JPG to SVG for cricut

After conversion, download your SVG to use on Cricut or keep editing in our Studio.