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Convert to SVG for free

Vectorize your image online with the free SVG converter. With the SVG file converter, you can instantly convert to SVG any picture, image, or photo you have. Ideal for creating logos, large-format posters, and other illustrations.

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Convert pictures to SVGs
Free & Online SVG converter with color
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Vectorize Your Images

Image Enhancer
Convert image or picture to SVG in secondsTo vectorize logos or convert images to SVG, just access the free SVG converter or vector file converter, upload your file, and convert to SVG online – no need to install a separate converter.
Image Enhancer
Boost the quality of your imageVectorize your logo or convert your picture or photo to SVG for Cricut for free. When you convert to SVG, you can easily resize an image without worrying about ruining its quality.
Image Enhancer
Download or keep editingConvert to SVG with the free SVG converter with color and do so much more with your file. Vectorize your photo or logo for free and use these files to create more in our Studio
SVG file converter

The only SVG file converter tool you’ll ever need

Convert to SVG with Creative Fabrica’s online SVG converter and vectorize logos, photos and pictures for Cricut for free whenever you like. With just a few clicks, you can convert any image to SVG. No need to install or master a complicated editing tool or app – just upload your file to the free SVG converter or vector file converter and vectorize or convert your image to SVG online for free.

Create your SVG whenever, wherever

Keep up with your content schedule or work whenever inspiration finds you. No need to use the same device to convert your picture to SVG. You’re free to vectorize your image or logo on any browser as long as you’re online. Ideal for digital creative nomads and social media content creators working on a tight content timeline.

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Explore your creativity once you convert to SVG

With the vector file converter or SVG converter with color, you can do so much more with your image. You can convert pictures or photos to SVG for Cricut for free, insert your vectorized logo on large-format materials, SVG printable, graphics pack, or 3D SVG patterns, and so much more. Convert image to SVG so you can use, resize, and edit your image for various formats without worrying about affecting the image quality.

Your universal image vectorizer

Bookmark a single vectorizer tool for your image files. Our SVG converter tool can convert your JPG or PNG to SVG all in a matter of seconds. Raster files are highly detailed image file types but when resized, they can look pixelated. If you want to retain their high quality and use them for bigger designs, the best solution is to use our JPG to SVG converter and PNG to SVG converter to get a high-quality vector file, ready to be resized.

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How to use Creative Fabrica's SVG File Converter


Upload your image

convert photo to SVG for cricut free

Select your image to convert to SVG or vectorize online.


Convert to SVG

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Automatically vectorize logo, photo, or image for free or convert picture to SVG.


Get your file

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After you convert to SVG, save your vectorized image, photo, or logo or keep editing in our Studio.