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Hi! I'm Dani and I'm happy to be a member of the Creative Fabrica team. I always get so inspired by all of the designs on here and by seeing what all of you are creating with them 💕

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I'm interested in getting started with beaded embroidery. Does anyone have any tips on easy projects to get started?

Roemie Hillenaar

Wow, you should really keep me posted how it goes! Really curious

4 months ago
Dani Zieren Author

I ordered a starter kit from Etsy with a lovely beetle design, I'll post my progress here. 

4 months ago
Roemie Hillenaar

I am trying some things out, I will share this with you soon if I have something to share!

4 months ago
Roemie Hillenaar

No net yet, but curious too!

4 months ago

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