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25+ Best professional fonts and how to use them

25+ Best professional fonts and how to use them image de l'article principal
Publié le January 25, 2023 par Lyndsey Drooby

Choosing the right style of font is crucial to any graphic design project. Using a professional font is the key to success as it defines the look and feel of a brand or company. As you gain more expertise in designing, you’ll know you need a firm set of professional fonts in your collection. With so many options out there, it can be daunting to figure out which ones are the absolute must-haves to have. Let’s break up that overwhelm and get into what you need and what exactly is a professional font.

How to choose the right professional font

So what does “professional font” mean? A professional font is what you would tend to use when it comes to branding, creating a logo, product packaging, and anything that needs to have a structured image to look business- friendly or career-focused.

  • Determine the Professional Tone of Your Project

    There are a few factors to look into when choosing the right font for a professional presentation. Take a look at the purpose and tone of the project. What is the general theme? Are you talking about a brand or are you presenting a report on the latest project?  Typefaces carry moods and personalities that can work well in different industries.

  • Prioritize Readability

    People often quickly scanning through text, looking for the information they need. If the font is hard to read, they are likely to move on to something else. There are a few things to consider when choosing a readable font. First, the size of the font should be large enough that it is easy to see. Second, the characters should be simple and clear, without any fancy flourishes. And finally, the spacing between the letters should be wide enough that they do not run together.

  • Match the Font to the Type of Project

    As mentioned previously, fonts have different personalities and moods, so aligning a typeface style with the project you are working on will wrap everything together. The target audience is also used as a gauge for picking a font. What works for a kid-friendly brand will not work for others.

  • Experiment with Different Options

    It doesn’t hurt to experiment.  Explore how much space you need to fill by playing around with styles and sizes. Compare two fonts together and check how they complement each other. Different fonts take up various amounts of space and that comes from their overall design weight or sizing.

The Top 25 Professional Fonts used by Designers: Our Ultimate List

In this article, we will share with you our top 25 professional fonts that every designer should have in their collection. These fonts complement the formal look of the brand but also add a stylistic touch to its serious appeal.

1. Zurich

Zurich is a clean sans-serif typeface with a unique geometric construction. This style would be a bold choice for product packaging and branding.

2. Qhuerto

Qhuerto is a delicate font that would be great used as a logo and printed marketing materials with unique headings.

3. Feminine

Feminine is a sans serif font that works as a complement to any project. It makes a great choice for displays, headings and various stationary like invitations.

4. Minimalist

The minimalist font is exactly as its name, a very clean and minimal font that is versatile enough to work with any project.

5. Established

Established is an elegant font that will add some zing for a luxury aesthetic. It can be used for editorial, branding, specialty boutique branding and anything else you want to make look exclusive.

6. Montage

Montage is a thin-lettered font that has a look of elegance that will add a luxurious allure to any design project.

7. Wensley

When you need a modern serif font that has high-class style, then Wensley is a great choice that will pair up great with script fonts.

8. Selino

This sophisticated serif font works when you’re looking to create a trendy-yet-timeless aesthetic. Selino is a lovely choice when you want soften your design or add a feminine flair to it.

9. Story

Story is a versatile font that is great for logos, headlines or longer text.


10. Arsenic

Another elegant font to use is Arsenic for any artsy or high-end packaging projects.

11. Sunday Romantic

Sunday Romantic is a contemporary serif font that has such a great look it can definitely become a go-to font for any design project.

12. New Display

13. Brandcake

The New Display Serif Style is a great match for editorial headings, posters, magazine covers and web design.

Brandcake is a font that can be perfect for anything. Use it as a logo, branding, home décor designs, books covers, advertisements and so much more. This is a classy font that can work on so many projects.

14. Pirate’s Blue

If you have a fun project like a movie poster or video game design, this pirate-themed font is a niche-specific font but will pack a punch on projects like those.

15. Krista’s

Krista’s is a font that that is fashionable and modern that could be used for so many high-end projects.

16. Keiser

Keiser is a clean and trendy font that will work amazingly well on posters, web design, illustrations and branding. This font will create a look that will really pop.

17. Blushing Rose

If you want to elevate your designs with elegance and pure style, choose Blushing Rose. This stylish and trendy font will amp up any creative idea.

18. Retrofile

A light font best fit for trendy and chic graphic design projects.

19. Romelu Vomelu

Romelu Vomelu takes inspiration from classic serif fonts to elevate logos and branding. What works well here is that this font is also a great mix and match font that can be paired with a sans-serif or script font.

20. Adorable Memories

This serif font that has a nostalgic vibe looks great in various sizes, in fact can be paired together in different sizes. A totally versatile font to create that will create a fantastic design.

21. Glamour Luxury

Another modern and minimal font that is perfect for headlines, branding, posters and really anything you want to create. With the different choices of weights, it can be implemented anywhere.

22. Chopard

A modern san-serif font that will stand out on any creative design.

23. Cosen 

A sans-serif solution for a fashionable project that combines a naturally stylish look.

Bonus: 5 Free professional fonts for business documents and more

These five free fonts will help your business documents stand out. Use them for presentations, client reports, or other professional communication.

1. Exquite

Thin-lettered and clean, Exquite is a versatile sans serif font for any project.

2. Soria

3. Hunting Font

A modern styled serif font inspired by art nouveau. A great font to keep in the collection.

Hunting Font is a truly unique font that will make a design standout.

4. Lovetle

Lovetle is a clean sans-serif font that works well with print and digital projects.

5. Banana

Banana can be used when you’re looking to bring a fresh and updated look to a design. Works great as a logo font or headlines.

To explore more ideas, you can explore the free fonts on Creative Fabrica to get started with the branding of your project.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the best font to use for professional documents?

When it comes to professional documents, the best font to use is one that is clean, legible, and easy to read. Some popular options that come to mind include:

Times New Roman

If you’re looking for a traditional, serif font for your next print project, Times New Roman is a great option. This classic font is used in a variety of print documents, from books and newspapers to reports. its simple, understated design makes it easy to read, even at small sizes. Whether you’re creating a document for work or school, Times New Roman is a great choice.


Arial is a versatile sans-serif font that is widely used for digital documents such as presentations and reports. It is easy to read and has a clean, modern look.


Calibri is a modern sans-serif font that is the default font for Microsoft Office and is widely used in business documents. The clean, minimal look of Calibri makes it a great choice for professional documents, like resumes and cover letters.


It is a classic serif font that is widely used in books, newspapers, and reports. Serif fonts are those with small lines attached to the ends of the main strokes of each letter, and they’re generally considered to be more easy to read than sans-serif fonts. Garamond is a great example of a serif font that is both easy to read and has a timeless, classic look


Georgia is a modern serif font that is widely used in digital documents such as websites and e-books. This elegant, easy-to-read typeface has been specially designed for the screen, and is available in a range of different styles.

2. Which font to use for professional logos and designs?

Since it was designed in 1927, Futura has regarded itself as a sans-serif font that has stood out as a recognized font for print and digital. The Creative Fabrica Font Library has several options for professional fonts that you can experiment with your logos and designs.

3. What font style is most professional?

Some commonly considered professional font styles include Times New Roman, Arial, Calibri, and Verdana. These fonts are generally considered easy to read, clean, and professional. Ultimately, the most professional font style will depend on the context and purpose of the document or presentation. It’s always good to use a font that is clear, easy to read and not too distracting.

4. Are Serif Fonts professional fonts?

Serif fonts can be used as professional fonts. Those small flourishes and details that make up the letters on serif fonts work well with very specific projects like books or can fit a different design project with a particular aesthetic.

5. What is the most professional font size?

The most professional font size is 12. It is best as a set size for reading without straining the eyes.

6. What are complementary fonts?

Complementary fonts are a combination of fonts that can be paired together to balance each other out in a design. Typically, you will see a serif font paired with a sans-serif font and vice versa. You can read more about how Serif Fonts can be great for professional branding on The Artistry

7. How do I combine multiple fonts in a professional way?

Limit your choices down to two fonts. A serif font can work well with a sans-serif font and vice versa. Additionally, a script font can be combined with a serif or sans-serif option as well. Experiment and see what works well in a way that conveys the message. For some design inspiration, you can read about how choosing the right font can improve your DIY project.

8. What are the differences between serif and sans-serif fonts in a professional context?

Serif fonts are characterized by the small lines or embellishments at the end of the strokes that make up the letters and numbers. Sans-serif fonts do not have these embellishments. 

In a professional context, serif fonts are the best choice for printed materials such as books and newspapers, while sans-serif fonts can be used for professional websites and mobile apps. The choice between serif and sans-serif fonts often comes down to the specific use case. Are you using Script Fonts for your branding? You can know more about the best script fonts for casual and formal branding on The Artistry.


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