Ready to hatch

Ready to hatch – Download this cute Easter design.

Have you had enough of all those Easter bunnies and adorned Easter eggs? Perhaps you’d like to try this joyful spring themed Easter message with a twist. The egg is here, but in an almost nude shade and the spring, not the chick is about to hatch. Feel free to adorn all your Easter crafts with it or just make some unique decorations at the beginning of this warm season.

You will receive this design in the following formats:

  • SVG File
  • Transparent PNG
  • EPS
  • DXF

Fox Monogram Frame

Fox Monogram Frame – Cute animal themed monogram frame.

Who could ever resist to this adorable fox monogram frame? If you’re passionate about monograms and you have a collection of cute animal themed monogram frames, you really need to add this one. And if you don’t, it’s never too late to get started. But just forget collecting, use this fox monogram frame to personalize all kinds of crafts, accessories and handmade gifts. For yourself, your family or friends, this cute fox will bring some sense of novelty. It’s up to you how you are planning to use it.

You will receive this design in the following formats:

  • SVG File
  • Transparent PNG
  • EPS
  • DXF

Of course I talk to myself when crafting. I need expert advice.

Of course I talk to myself when crafting. I need expert advice. – Cut File

Ha ha is probably the first thing that will cross your mind when you’re going to read this funny crafts quote. If you’re a crafts addict with a good sense of humor and a great self-esteem, this black typography word art print is for you. Use it to adorn your design workshop or just your humble tea mug. Just keep it close or use it to surprise your friends who are just as passionate about crafting as you are. There’s no better motivational quote out there to fuel your inspiration.

You will receive this design in the following formats:

  • SVG File
  • Transparent PNG
  • EPS
  • DXF

Crafting each day keeps the crazy away

Crafting each day keeps the crazy away – Cut File

Based on the good old fashioned saying – an apple a day keeps the doctor away – this funny quote makes it all about the healing power of creating crafts. Black typography turned into inspirational art, this quote about crafts will make you smile. And if you have at least one friend addicted to crafts, this wall word art would make a perfect custom gift.

You will receive this design in the following formats:

  • SVG File
  • Transparent PNG
  • EPS
  • DXF

The brown ones are not jelly beans

The brown ones are not jelly beans – Download this cute Easter design.

A funny quote from the Easter Bunny for your sweet tooth or for your friends who can’t wait to see what the Bunny brought this year. Download this cute Easter design full of color and use it with your Easter gifts for a personalized present. Easter is about giving, so make sure you add all the extra joy that this colored typography can bring.

You will receive this design in the following formats:

  • SVG File
  • Transparent PNG
  • EPS
  • DXF

If mothers were flowers I would pick you

If mothers were flowers I would pick you – Cut File

Talk about an extraordinary love statement for mothers, guaranteed to show you some misty eyes, to say the least. You didn’t get to pick your mom, but you wouldn’t change her for anything in this world, right? So, go ahead and pick this Mother’s Day cut file to make her a one of a kind gift. This black typography can serve as a special text for a card from the heart or even a special wrapping for the actual gift.

You will receive this design in the following formats:

  • SVG File
  • Transparent PNG
  • EPS
  • DXF

Being creative is not a hobby, it’s a way of life

Being creative is not a hobby, it’s a way of life – Cut File

This must have caught your creative eye by now. If you’re the one this crafts quote talks to, make sure you get the cut file and keep it close as a motivational and inspirational message for your everyday activity. A black typography about creativity that plays with fonts and styles in the most… creative possible way. Download and frame it today.

You will receive this design in the following formats:

  • SVG File
  • Transparent PNG
  • EPS
  • DXF

Mom at least you don’t have ugly children

Mom, no matter what lives throws at you, at least you don’t have ugly children – Cut File

A one of a kind Mother’s Day quote that should really make her laugh. If you’ve had enough of the heart-melting messages, you can try something with a twist and make it all about you – after all, you being beautiful is still her merit, right? With this printable typography in black fonts, you can make out-of-the-box word art print that she can keep around the house. Surprise your mother this Mother’s Day holiday or even on her birthday with this funny quote. If you’ve got the humor from her, you’ll laugh together about it.

You will receive this design in the following formats:

  • SVG File
  • Transparent PNG
  • EPS
  • DXF

Mommy’s love bug

Mommy’s love bug – Cut File

Nothing that comes from a mother about her adorable little child is too childish. If you have a little bug waiting for you at home, go ahead and make a sweet surprise that will turn into a cherished memory over the years. Use this cut file to create custom kids’ gifts, imprinted kids’ clothes or even personalized saying pillows. Mommy’s love bug deserves to be pampered, right?

You will receive this design in the following formats:

  • SVG File
  • Transparent PNG
  • EPS
  • DXF

Heart Monogram Frame Set 1

Heart Monogram Fame Set – 5 beautiful patterned heart monograms.

A set of five beautiful patterned heart monograms with a punchy pink note. If you’ve never had hearts of all sizes, you can use these monogram frames to create special decorations for the gifts that you are about to offer. Handmade gifts personally crafted by you, love letters and love cards, custom Valentine’s Day gifts or gift wrapping, your fantasy is the only limit to how you can use these delicate love symbols.

You will receive each heart in the following formats:

  • SVG File
  • Transparent PNG
  • EPS
  • DXF

Horses Monogram Frame

Horses Monogram Frame – Cute animal themed monogram frame.

If you’re a fan of monogram frames and you have your own collection of animal themed monogram frames, you can’t afford to miss this special Horses Monogram Frame. With two cute, stylized little horses instead of one, this delicate design can perfectly complement not just your personal collection of monograms, but also the custom gifts of anyone passionate about horses that you know.

You will receive this design in the following formats:

  • SVG File
  • Transparent PNG
  • EPS
  • DXF

Ya’ll need Jesus

Ya’ll need Jesus – Religious Cut File

A 3-word religious quote with one of the simplest and most powerful messages. We all need Jesus yet somehow, we forget about this need most of the time. Thankfully, there’s this religious cut file in black typography that can easily remind anyone of it. Use it as a special Christian wall art for your room or create custom badges to share with your friends.

You will receive this design in the following formats:

  • SVG File
  • Transparent PNG
  • EPS
  • DXF

Andesite Regular

Andesite Regular is an Art Deco typeface based on the typeface Plaza. Andesite has a distinct “retro” feel about it, and can be used in a myriad of design projects including invitations, announcements, or logos.

Red Seven

Looking for a sharp typeface that can take you places? How about one that can slice through a tomato can? Red Seven is an edgy, futuristic display font that lends itself to lettering, titles, and logos.

It features an ultra sleek even weight that repeats itself through all of the characters. Inspiration came  from bands, exotic cars, sci-fi movies, and college sports teams. Use uppercase for more emphasis on the angled bars or lowercase for more legible text, but not together.

To be consistent with styling it’s recommended that you stay with one or the other. There are some alternates and one stylistic set built in which compliments the angular styling of the uppercase members. Basic/extended latin are featured with kerning, basic punctuation, European accents, and diacritics.


Handbrushed is a set of 2 font files:

  • Handbrushed Regular
  • Handbrushed Swashes Regular

The regular version of handbrushed is for the font, the other one for the additional swashes. This makes it easy to mix and match without needing additional tools. Handbrushed is a brush based font that comes in a sans serif style.

It features:

  • Uppercase characters
  • Lowercase characters
  • Numbers & Glyphs

The Handbrushed font is completely designer by hand using a brush. It took about 60-70 A4 sheets, a black thick brush and coffee. Loads of coffee!


Insomnia is a clean monoline script font created by Jokiranta.

The Insomnia font contains about 140 glyphs and features stylistic alternates, swashes and ligatures.

Autumn Chant

About the Autumn Chant font

Autumn Chant is a beautiful casual handwritten monoline script font. This font is created by type designer Roland Hüse.

Good Karma

About the Good Karma font

Good Karma is a cursive handwritten font created by type designer Roland Hüse.

Fox In The Snow

About the Fox in the Snow font

Fox in the Snow is a cursive handwritten font created by type designer Roland Hüse.

Designers Terms & Conditions

Creative Fabrica – Designer Terms & Conditions

About these terms & conditions
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Any exceptions to these designer terms & conditions can be agreed upon between Designer and Platform. These exceptions are made via email and are binding as an addendum to these terms & conditions.

Ownership & Copyright
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Any purchase made by an customer is subject to our terms and conditions for customers. These terms and conditions will include a clause that keeps the intellectual property rights for the designs with you.

Limited License; Permitted Uses
By submitting your work you agree that Creative Fabrica has the right to sell and distribute your work in unlimited amounts as part of our subscription service. In addition you agree that we are allowed to sell single perpetual worldwide commercial licenses by default. You can always choose to turn off the selling of single lifetime licenses. We may choose  to disclose the total amount of sales generated by your deal to partners or in promotions. You agree that your products are offered under the licenses as mentioned in the license section.

Duration & Cancellation
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Promotions & Advertisement
Creative Fabrica obtains the right to use your work in advertisements & promotion. This might be advertisement on social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more), paid advertisement channels such as Google Ads or Facebook ads, printed advertisement or otherwise. Under your work fall items such as your work, promotional texts and/or images.

Payments will always happen before the 10th of the month and the payout will always be the payout of the previous month. The payout is always 50% of whatever the amount is that Creative Fabrica receives, depending on the product and/or promotions. Creative Fabrica maintains the right to hold promotions, discounts or multi-licenses deals without explicit permission from designers up front. Payout for these promotions will happen via the regular channels (earnings will show up in your dashboard). While the payout for these deals will always be 50%, Creative Fabrica has the right to deviate from the payment schedule and scheme if necessary.

Chargeback & Refunds
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Other agreements & terms
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Creative Fabrica is non-exclusive. This means that you are allowed to sell your work on any site, store or marketplace and are allowed to participate in any bundle or deal.

Version 1.1 Latest update: 31/07/2017 – old terms can be found here.


About the Ignorance font

Ignorance is a script font that aims to mimic old traditional handwriting found in America in the 19th century. Ignorance is a font that is filled with vitality and has it’s own strong personality.

This font includes a huge range of features:

  • OpenType Ligatures
  • Alternates
  • Swashes

The ignorance font comes with over 400 glyphs and allow for great experiments.


About the Cedi Font

Cedi is an Opentype script typeface that uses Alternate glyphs and ligatures to produce a varied, unique and playful design.

The Cedi font is packed with 1626 unique glyphs that allow for endless combinations and experiments.

Cedi is designed as a a fast flowing script. It’s orignal and lively yet equally legible due to it’s defined letterforms and open forms. Cedi was created for use in small text settings and use at large point sizes suiting titles, screen use or logo designs.


About the Raubam Font

Raubam is a strong solid font that was inspired by stone carved lettering in Berlin. It combines 2 different weights within  a single font. Raubam’s original solid and filled shape servers as the base for Raubam’s capital letters. The capitals are truly meant for use in large sizes.


About the Martinaz font

Martinaz is a retro inspired, bold script font that looks great on packaging, but also works great for logos and posters.

The Martinaz font uses many OpenType features and allow for variable letter combinations that can easily be combined.


About the Sonten Font

The Sonten Family is a serif font family and is created by Indonesian type designer Adhreza Ezza. The name Sonten means Afternoon in Sundanese.

The family is a collection of 28 fonts that are designed to offer a coherent experience and are very complimentary. The letters can be colored in a regular way (1 color) or by combining 2 fonts and position them as multi-layers. This means that you can have almost endless possibilities in styling the letters and creating something unique.

The Sonten Family Includes:


  • Sonten Regular
  • Sonten Regular Italic
  • Sonten Regular Bold
  • Sonten Regular Bold Black
  • Sonten Regular Highlight Layer Italic
  • Sonten Regular Highlight Layer
  • Sonten 3D
  • Sonten 3D Figure
  • Sonten 3D Ground
  • Sonten 3D Italic
  • Sonten Bevel
  • Sonten Bevel Figure
  • Sonten Bevel Ground
  • Sonten Bevel Italic
  • Sonten Contour
  • Sonten Contour Inner
  • Sonten Contour Italic
  • Sonten Contour Outer
  • Sonten Deboss
  • Sonten Deboss Italic
  • Sonten Outline
  • Sonten Outline Figure
  • Sonten Outline Ground
  • Sonten Outline Italic
  • Sonten Shadow
  • Sonten Shadow Figure
  • Sonten Shadow Ground
  • Sonten Shadow Italic

The glyphs shown below are from the Sonten Regular font.


About the Elsuave font

Elsuave is a fun display font. Elsuave is inspired by the disco fever back in the sixties.

1000 Forms of Fear

About the 1000 Forms of Fear font

The 1000 forms of fear font is a font based on the album “1000 forms of fear” by Sia.

All the characters are based on the album booklet, singles and posters. The result is a unique stylish display font.

CWG Sans

About the CWG Sans font

CWG Sans is created by the hand of Creative Agency and Type Foundry 211178. The CWG Sans font is a strong sans serif font that is designed specifically to look great on titles and headlines.

CWG Sans is an all-capital font and does not come with lowercase characters. It is inspired by Helvetica but differentiates itself by having a more geometric & sharp look. The font comes with just over 140 glyphs, all uppercase characters and a set of the most often used symbols.

Merlo Round

About the Merlo Round Font

The Merlo Round Font Family can be seen as the younger brother of the Merlo Family. The Merlo Round font family contains 12 different font variations with lower- and uppercase characters.

The Merlo Round Font was inspired by a Polish Magazine called “You and Me”. The magazine ceased to exist in December 1973 but lives on with this beautiful family.

The Merlo Round Font Family includes:

– Merlo Round Bold
– Merlo Round Bold Italic
– Merlo Round Light
– Merlo Round Light Italic
– Merlo Round Medium
– Merlo Round Medium Italic
– Merlo Round Regular
– Merlo Round Regular Italic
– Merlo Round Serif Regular
– Merlo Round Serif Regular Italic
– Merlo Round Thin
– Merlo Round Thin Italic

The fact that this family is so complete and filled with complementary fonts makes it extremely versatile and suitable for print.


About the Toppo Font

Toppo is a small font family. Toppy is created by Blazej Ostoja Lniski from the Typoforge foundry. The Toppo Font family was inspired by a magazine called “You and Me”. This magazine was published in Poland from May 1960 until Deceber 1973 by RSW Prasa (a Polish national Magazine Publishing House).

The family contains 4 fonts:

– Toppo Regular
– Toppo Stencil
– Toppo Frame
– Toppo Negative
– Toppo Stencil Frame
– Toppo Stencil Negative


About the Breakaway font

The breakaway font is a font based on the album “Breakaway” by Kelly Clarkson.

All the characters are based on the album booklet and artwork. The result is a unique stylish script font.

Confessions on a Dancefloor

About the Confessions on a Dancefloor font

The Confessions on a Dancefloor font is a font based on the album “Confessions on a Dancefloor” by Madonna.

All the characters are based on the album booklet and the tourbook.


About the Authentic Font

Authentic is a beautiful hand crafted script font. Authentic is inspired by nature.

Mama Lian

About the Mama Lian Font

Mama Lian is a beautiful sans serif font with long stretched elegant elegant letters. When designing Mama Lian the designer was aiming to create a classy fashion font. The result is a stunning font that is suitable for print and digital.

Mama Lain includes:
– Small & Uppercase letters
– Numbers
– Ligatures
– Stylistic Alternates

Rebel Heart

About the Rebel Heart font

The Rebel Heart font is a font based on the album “Rebel Heart” by Madonna.

Most of the characters are based on the album booklet. Others are adopted to match the booklet to create a unique typeface. This ode to Madonna is a perfect playful font.

True Blue

About the True Blue font

The True Blue font is a font based on the album tracklist from Madonna’s “True Blue” album. The result is a unique stylish script font.


About the Self-Titled font

The Self-Titled font is a font based on the album “Self-Titled” by Paramore.

The characters in this font are inspired by the album booklet and the track list.


About the Magnolia Font

Magnolia is a stunning handwritten font. Magnolia comes with a huge set of almost 350 glyphs andhas a very elegant look which makes it feel like a very fancy font.

The process of creating Magnolia

Every letter in Magnolia has been crafted with 3 key values in mind: Elegance, Coherence & Uniqueness.

Because of these values the creation of this font was a very delicate process. Every letter had to be drawn, digitized, optimized and tested. This resulted in many do overs and made creating Magnolia a very time consuming process. This resulted however in this stunning, balanced font.

Usage of Magnolia

Magnolia can be used for many purposes. Because of the elegant letters it is perfect as a font for wedding invites, letterhead, personalized business cards, baby shower invites and much more.

You can keep using Magnolia over and over and come up with a different result each time.

The Black Veil Family

About the Black Veil Font

The Black Veil font is part of the Black Veil font family, a small family that consists out of:

  • The Black Veil Pro
  • The Black Veil Regular
  • The Black Veil Alternative 1
  • The Black Veil Alternative 2
  • The Black Veil Alternative 3

The Black Veil is a beautiful blackletter font created by Indonesian type foundry MikroJihad. The fonts are extremely detailed and have a tough and rough look. This font can be used for many types of projects but will look great on shirts, hats and other apparel or it can be used as a display font.

The Black Veil comes with 3 alternative versions that match the regular and pro versions perfectly and are great to mix & match. These alternative versions allow you to alter certain letters of your text and add beautiful decorations. This allows for almost endless combinations and possibilities.


About the Blueberry Font

The Blueberry font is a delicate hand-painted font. Each letter has been painted on paper, scanned to be digitized and than digitally optimized. This process was repeated for every letter multiple times until the perfect composition was reached.

The result is a balanced and clear handwritten font.

Using Blueberry

Blueberry can be used for many purposes and as always, your imagination is the only limitation. However, it is very clear that Blueberry is very suitable for the following type of projects:

– Wedding Invitations
– Baby Shower Decorations
– Nursery Wall-art
– Signs
– Adding quotes to pictures
– Convert to an embroidery font

Besides these purposes Blueberry can also be perfectly used for creating elegant business cards and even letterheads.