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All fonts on Creative Fabrica can be used to create designs to be sold on Print On Demand sites.

Print on Demand: Christmas Jellyshake Script & Handwritten Font By airotype Promo
Print on Demand: Christmas Memories Display Font By Kelik - 7NTypes Promo
Print on Demand: Simple Script & Handwritten Font By zulkhairilettering Promo
Print on Demand: Winter Beauty Script & Handwritten Font By Typestory Promo

By Typestory

$1.50 $15.00
Print on Demand: Farmhouse Christmas Script & Handwritten Font By BitongType Promo
Print on Demand: Father Christmas Script & Handwritten Font By thomasaradea Promo
Print on Demand: The Glisten Script & Handwritten Font By Zane Studio Promo

By Zane Studio

$1.20 $12.00
Print on Demand: New Christmas Script & Handwritten Font By LetterBeary Promo
Print on Demand: Hello Daisy Script & Handwritten Font By Naharstd Promo

By Naharstd

$1.20 $12.00
Print on Demand: Galista Script & Handwritten Font By Struggle Studio Promo

By Struggle Studio

$1.30 $13.00


Grab a license that suits your POD business

Creative Fabrica offers two different Full POD licenses. They are shaped depending on what suits your needs for your POD business.

Purchase a design - sell it forever

If you purchase a design or a font with Full POD you pay a one time fee and the license is valid for life! You are then allowed to use the design and font to create new designs and sell it on POD sites forever. Read the Single Sales License in whole here.

Sign up for a subscription and get unlimited access

With a subscription you will get unlimited access to Full POD designs and fonts! New content is added daily, and you can pick and choose which design you want to sell on POD sites next. You can unsubscribe at any time, but note that you will also have to stop selling the designs you used.

What is Print on Demand?

Print on Demand (POD) is a print-to-order service in which designers can upload digital designs, and customers can order a physical product, such as t-shirts, books or coffee mugs, with the designer's work printed on it.

Can I use Full POD designs as-is for on Print On Demand (POD) sites?

Yes, all designs in our Full POD library can be used as-is on Print on Demand sites. You do not need to modify the design in any way, but can simply upload it to the POD site.

Can I use fonts on Print on Demand (POD) sites?

Yes, you are allowed to use fonts from our site to create quotes, sentences, word art, etc and upload those designs to POD sites.

Can I use the Full POD license on multiple Print On Demand (POD) sites?

Yes, you are allowed to upload the design and sell it on multiple Print On Demand sites at the same time.

Is there a limited amount of sales I can make with the Full POD license?

No! You can make an unlimited amount of sales with the Full POD license. If you purchase a single item, you can sell that items for as long as you want. If you have a subscription, you can sell as long as you have a subscription. When your subscription ends, you will have to stop selling the files downloaded as part of your subscription.

Am I allowed to ship the products sold with the Full POD license?

With the Full POD license you are allowed to ship worldwide.

Can I use designs not marked with Full POD on Print on Demand (POD) sites?

You are allowed to sell products that aren't covered with the Full POD license on Print On Demand sites, as long as the design uploaded meets our license terms regarding Print on Demand usage for Basic POD.

When I download a Full POD design or font, where can I find the license?

When you download a font or graphic, it will be saved directly on your computer in your browsers standard download folder. Also, the download will be stored automatically in your Creative Fabrica account. This way you can always re-download your digital files. To do so, go to the Downloads & License Keys section in your account.

What happens with the Full POD license after I cancel my subscription?

When you cancel your subscription you are no longer covered under the Full POD license. This means that you need to stop selling the designs you downloaded with Full POD, and take these products off your POD store/stores. The exception is when you used a file to create a complete new design, as then it will fall under Basic POD which applies to all products (as explained in our license here).

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