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1495 Bastarde Lyon V2

1495 Bastarde Lyon V2 Font

Font designed from this who was used by an unknown printer in Lyon (France) to print the “Conte de Griseldis ” (Griseldis’ tale), from Petrarque, inspired by Boccace, in 1495.
The original font has a relatively small number of special characters and ligature, for the time. This font includes “long s”, naturally, as typically medieval but numerous letters – as accented ones – were added for this version. A render sheet, enclosed with the file, helps to identify them on keyboard.
It is used variously in web-site titles, posters and fliers design, editing ancient texts or greeting cards as a very decorative and fine font…

This font works at a small size like 9, remaining clear and easy to read on screen, but always better when printed.