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1543 German Deluxe Family

1543 German Deluxe Family Font

This family was created inspired from the sets of fonts used in 1543 by Michael Isingrin, printer in Basell (Germany) to print the spendid “New Kreüterbuch…”(“New herbal…”), with numerous nice pictures, the masterpiece of Leonhart Fuchs, father of the modern botany. It is a Schwabacher patern, with three different sets of fonts, small (± 4mm for the upper case) in the main text, larger for titles (± 8mm for the upper case) and large Initials or lettrines (five lines of main text).

This font contains standard ligatures and German historical ligatures ( german double s, long s, tz, ch,…) and diacritics (special ummlaut “e superscript” and “°” unstead of dieresis with letters a, o and u,) natureally, we have added numerous letters lacking in the original to permit a contemporary use of the font.

It can be used in complement with our “1538 Schwabacher” or/and “1534 Fraktur”.