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1864 GLC Monogram Family

1864 GLC Monogram Family Font

This family (14 files) of two characters monograms and initial letters was inspired from a French portfolio containing about two hundred examples of ” Chiffres de deux lettres ” destined to engravers and jewelers, published in Paris in 1864, drawn by French engraver C. Demengeot. Unfortunately, a large part of the pages were lost, so, we have had to redrawn about two third of the complete monogram family.

Each package is containing numerals and two complete set of two letters monograms, for example the A-B set, containing AA AB AC… corresponding to caps keys alphabet and BA, BB, BC… corresponding to lower case keys alphabet.

Included is also an Initial set, with two choices of single characters.

Warning : I and J have strictly identical monograms.