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Aesthete Font

Aesthete, she is a delicate and calm soul, gentle and relaxed. She tells a story of organic origins, nostalgia. She is a friend to all, open and inviting, rejecting none. She was created out of a memory, a designer’s childhood writing style, a tall, thin and delicate body. She is at home when in nature, blends in with the soft curves of the leaves and trees, gentle branches bending down to greet you.

The type designer, Eran Waldeck, born 9 July 1997, is a student at the Greenside Design Center studying Graphic design. Many challenges were faced while designing Aesthete, first it was bold and abrupt which was not a reflection of her personality. Back to the drawing board it went to create a typeface inspired by the things she loved. In short time she had stumbled upon something nostalgic, a memory on paper. While starting to play with the letters, here and there, the finished forms were eventually in sight. Now, Aesthete is a reflection of her personality and who she wants to be.