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Castine Font

Castine was inspired by the hand-carved epitaphs on late-1700s headstones in the Castine, Maine, cemetery — stones with the familiar old domed-tablet shape, some topped by winged skulls. The typeface reflects a lost lettering style peculiar to the time and place. Castine has a melancholy, wistful, nostalgic air — and is frankly just a little bit spooky. Its long, sharp serifs and slight unevenness recall simpler times when character meant more than precision. Spaced loosely in display situations, it has a broken-in feel, like comfortable shoes.

Castine has roman and true italic styles, numerous ligatures, old-style and lining figures, a few genuine old headstone ornaments (including winged skulls), along with full Latin support — nearly 600 glyphs in all.