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Dirty Plastic Noise Texture Pack

Dirty plastic noise texture pack - Graphics

These noisy and dusty textures come from an unlikely place. You know these little plastic pockets in billfolds to hold extra credit and ID cards? Well, now you know.

I’ve had that leather billfold for a while. It’s old, and all worn out (see for leather textures extracted from that billfold). It’s been at the bottom of countless pockets and bags. And it has accumulated a lot of dirt, dust, and other lint particles.

I pulled out these little plastic pockets, cut them down in flat “sheets,” and scanned them at very high resolution (on average 5,250×7,400 pixels @ 2,400 ppi). These textures are the result of that scanning process.

– Sixteen (16) base textures
– Scanned in at 2,400 ppi
– Positive, and negative versions
– Includes JPGs, PNGs, bitmap TIFFs, and vector formats (Ai, EPS, PDF)

Put them on Screen or Multiply, and noise things away. Add a specific color overlay to the transparent versions, and add subtle speckles to your backgrounds. Paste them in your layer masks for subtle weathering.

Note that the vector versions come in the following formats: Illustrator CC, Illustrator CS6, Illustrator CS3, EPS, and PDF.

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