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Music and beer, that’s why I’m here
Drinking squad
Shut up liver, you’re fine
I have mixed drinks about feelings
Are you drunk? Yes No
Drinks well with others
I’m not slurring, I’m speaking Cursive
I’m never drinking again! Oh, look, wine!
Floatin’ on the river killin’ my liver
When life gives you lemons grab the vodka & call your girls
Frunk as duck
Don’t give a sip
Tequila made me do it
Support day drinking
Livin’ la vida vodka
Get me drunk and watch the show
Pour decisions make great memories
May contain alcohol
Save water, drink beer
Save water, drink wine
I decided to stop drinking for good. Now I drink for Evil
I hate that bitch too, let’s drink
Rain or shine is drinking time
Nurses need shots too
Daddy’s drinking buddy
Late night drinker