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Flamingo Bundle

Flamingo Bundle - Graphics

File formats: SVG, EPS, PNG and DXF

The sayings are:

Stand tall darling
So Flocking fabulous
Be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons
Crazy flamingo lady
Majestically awkward
I’m totally flamazing
Apparently we’re trouble when we are together. Who knew?
Let’s get flocked up!
Beach please
I was Born to stand out
Don’t make me put my foot down
Ruffle some feathers
Why be boring when you can be flamazing
I don’t give a flock
What the flock
Zero flocks given
Let’s flocking party
My spirit animal is a flamingo
Even the pinkest flamingo started out grey
Beauty in pink
I need a Flocktail
A flamingo a day keeps the winter away
I’m the pink flamingo on the great lawn of life
Always look at the pink side of life
Party like a flamingo!
Be a pink flamingo in a flock of white swans!
Always be yourself Unless you can be a flamingo.Then always be a flamingo.
Embrace your inner flamingo
Oh, for flock sake drink your water