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Folded Paper Textures Volume 02

Folded paper textures volume 02 - Graphics

Did you like the first volume (link)? Do you want even more fold options to add to your design? Then this pack of 12 more folded paper textures is made for you!

Add them to the top of your layer stack, switch the blending mode to screen, tinker with the opacity slider, and be done in no time. You could also experiment by inverting the texture and using other blending modes, like multiply, color burn, linear burn, and beyond.

All of these have been carefully folded and/or crumpled by hand, then scanned in at 600 dpi and edited to retain as much detail as possible, while offering an optimum level of contrast.

Now updated with transparent PNGs (ideal to quickly add in a design, and to color them using a color overlay), and bitmap TIFFs (perfect to use in Illustrator for great, detailed texture effects without hogging down your system resources). If you are curious about these additions, have a look at the new preview images.

– Twelve (12) raster textures of folded and crumpled paper
– Roughly 4750×6300 pixels @ 600 ppi
– Bonus: negative versions
– Bonus: transparent PNG versions
– Bonus: bitmap TIFF format for lllustrator
– Bonus: vector versions (Ai, PDF, EPS, SVG)

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