Icon Set Design in Adobe Illustrator

What you'll learn

In this class, Laszlo Balogh shows you how to design a series of brand icons using Adobe Illustrator. Laszlo Balogh goes over design theory and explains what makes a series of icons a 'set'. He takes you through the entire process from idea generation to finished vector icon design. Whether you are a designer or an illustrator, this class is great for strengthening your skills in observation, design, abstraction, building an aesthetic, and designing icons that match your creative vision.

Materials and tools used in this class

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This class has 5 sessions (1h 22m)

Class Preview

In this class preview, you will meet Laszlo, and he will give you an overview of what you will be creating.


Laszlo discusses what the class is about in general and offers you a list of materials you will need to finish this project.

Research & Inspiration

In this part, Laszlo goes into detail about how icon design differs from logo design and gives some tips and ideas, as well as the most important criteria an icon set must meet. He then goes into visual research and puts together a mood board so you can get inspired!

Sketchbook Work

In this section, you will take all the research you got and start generating some ideas and concepts for your potential icons. Laszlo explains and draws in real-time so you can fully grasp the complete creative process!

Designing in Adobe Illustrator

In this last part, you take your sketches, your research, and all your preparations and start designing! Laszlo gets into great detail on which tools and functions are the best ones to use for icon design in Adobe Illustrator.

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Laszlo Balogh

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Dantier + Balogh is a branding and interior design studio based in London, Hertfordshire and Cornwall that specialises in: graphic design, content creation and interior solutions for residential properties, hospitality & brand experiences.

Icon Set Design in Adobe Illustrator
Icon Set Design in Adobe Illustrator
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