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Leather Billfold Texture Pack

Leather billfold texture pack - Graphics

These worn leather textures have been extracted from two leather billfolds that my wife and I own. They’re pretty big (an average of 4,553×5,975 pixels), and have been scanned at either 1,200 or 2,400 ppi.

There are two different leather grains in the pack, for a total of six leather textures. As a bonus, I also extracted two textures of the grainy fabric that’s used to line the inside pockets of the billfolds. This makes for a grand total of eight textures.

The leather of both billfolds is worn, as these are the ones we use on a daily basis. The pack works wonders to distress design elements (just paste one of the texture in a layer mask). As a matter of fact, the copy on the hero shot for the product has been weathered using one of them. You could also use the textures as part of the texture build-up for a background.

– Eight (8) textures
– Scanned in at 1,200 or 2,400 ppi
– Archive size of ~186 Mb

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