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Newborn SVG Bundle

Newborn SVG Bundle - Graphics

Big newborn quotes bundle with 32 fun designs.

This bundle includes the following sayings:
– Sleep Dream Sparkle
– My Mom Thinks She’s in Charge
– My Mom Doesn’t Need your Advice
– Eat Sleep Be Happy
– And So The Adventure Begins
– For this Child I prayed
– Help me! I’m crawling and I can’t get up
– Free Hugs
– Brand Sparkling New
– Feed me and Tell me I’m Pretty
– Gorgeous like Mommy
– Instructions Not Included
– Handsome like Daddy
– I’m the Reason We are Late
– Let’s Take a Nap
– I drink until I pass out
– Love Made Me
– My Siblings Have Paws
– Silly Daddy Boobs are for Babies
– When Life gives you Troubles, Blow Bubbles
– Mama’s Favorite Human
– Sassy since Birth
– That Milk Tho
– Dude Your Wife keeps Checking me Out
– Sunshine Mixed with a Little Hurricane
– The Snuggle is Real
– Tiny and Mighty
– You Can’t Touch This
– Worth the Wait
– Love Your Tribe

Works on Cameo, Cricut, SCAL and several other cutting machines with no issues. 

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