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Photocopy noise textures

Photocopy noise textures - Graphics

Each of the ten (10) original textures were obtained by printing a black sheet through a laser copier of questionable quality, and then mistreating them with various scratching, folding, and rubbing techniques. After that, the textures were scanned in at 1,200 ppi, slightly adjusted for even lighting in Photoshop, and then converted to 18″x24″ @ 300 ppi documents. They are crisp as a winter morning.

Each texture is available in a positive (mostly black), and negative (mostly white) version.

Download Details:

20 JPG files
20 PNG files
20 TIF files

– Sized to fit an 18″x24″ canvas @ 300 ppi
– Bonus: negative versions
– Bonus: transparent PNG versions (download link included in product archive)

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