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Rolled Ink Textures Volume 02

Rolled ink textures volume 02 - Graphics

These rolled ink textures were born from a desire to have a set of ink textures at hand. The textures have been created with black ink and rolls (one foam roll, and one rubber roll).

The type of effects obtained ranges from subtle noise to heavy smudges, and can have a variety of applications: noise pattern, background color, ink wash, rough borders, and more.

The textures have been scanned in very high resolution (5,000 x 7,800 pixels on average) @ 800 ppi or more.

Now updated with transparent PNGs (ideal to quickly add in a design, and to color them using a color overlay), and bitmap TIFFs (perfect to use in Illustrator for great, detailed texture effects without hogging down your system resources). If you are curious about these additions, have a look at the new preview images.

– Fourteen (14) raster textures of folded and crumpled paper
– Roughly 5000×7800 pixels @ 800 ppi
– Bonus: negative versions
– Bonus: transparent PNG versions
– Bonus: bitmap TIFF format for lllustrator

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