Signwriting a Garden Inspired Quote - Style 1

What you'll learn

A class to teach basic letting in a calligraphy style, often used in signwriting, with the aim to use this skill to decorate any items with paint pens. Join Clair as she teaches you the basics to letter the quote 'To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow' by Audrey Hepburn. Clair will show you how to place your quote sensibly, where the keywords are, and where to emphasize them. The class will then move on to teach you how to turn this lettering into faux calligraphy - a much bolder version of the original text. Essentially you get two for one and will learn two styles of calligraphy in this class.

Materials and tools used in this class

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This class has 6 sessions (22m)

Class Preview

Meet Clair and get an overview of what you will be creating in this beginner-friendly class.


Clair will run through the lessons and what to expect.

Materials and Tools

Although not essential, Clair will give a run-through of the basic tools and materials needed for faux calligraphy and simple signwriting.

Basic Signwriting Lettering

Follow Clair as she will show you how to place your quote so you do not need to rely on guides, and cover a simple lettering style to finish this quote on paper.

Faux Calligraphy

Now Clair will extend the original quote to create faux calligraphy.


A thank you from Clair for joining her and how to use Creative Fabrica to review and upload any images of your work.

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Clair Carter

Sign Writing and Illustration
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Hello, My name is Clair and I am a London based Signwriter. I have been teaching for almost a decade and I am very excited to share some of my knowledge with you on Creative Fabrica.

Signwriting a Garden Inspired Quote - Style 1
Signwriting a Garden Inspired Quote - Style 1