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The Sarcastic Bundle

The Sarcastic Bundle - Graphics

The following sayings are included:

  • I really don’t mind getting older, but my body is taking it badly
  • I am the living proof that roosters aren’t the only ones to start the day with screaming
  • Made with love means I licked the spoon and kept using it
  • Oh! I’m sorry, did my middle sentence interrupt the beginning of yours?
  • I need a HUGe amount of money
  • I’m so good at sleeping I can do it with my eyes closed
  • Some things are better left unsaid, which I generally realize right after I said them
  • When life shuts a door open it again. It’s a door, that’s how they work
  • You are not fat, you’re just easier to see
  • I only drink on days that start with “T”, Tuesday, Thursday, Tomorrow, Thaturday, Thunday

The following formats are included:

  • 10 SVG
  • 10 DXF
  • 10 PNG
  • 10 EPS
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