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Ultimate Funny Sarcastic Bundle

Ultimate Funny Sarcastic Bundle - Graphics

This download includes:

– A large group of people is called no thanks
– I love sarcasm it’s like punching people in the face, but with words
– Nope still don’t care
– Did I roll my eyes out loud?
– I raise tiny humans you can’t scare me
– People how take care of chickens are literally chicken tenders
– Home where you don’t have to wear your bra
– I run off of sarcasm and movie quotes
– Shh no one cares
– I am silently correcting your grammar
– I swear I have it all together I just forgot where I put it
– Some people should use a glue stick instead of chapstick
– I don’t think my inner child is ever moving out
– I’m not judging you, I’m praying for you
– Today’s goal keep the tiny humans alive
– I drink coffee for your protection
– I’m not the type of person you should put onspeaker phone
– Welcome please leave by 9.00