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Watercolor Portrait Photo Masks

Watercolor Portrait Photo Masks - Graphics

Floating formations for your compositions

Add the watercolor formations to your pictures. For example, let garments melt or superimpose gloomy images with veil-like shapes with the help of 15 PNG overlays + 1 JPG texture shot with patterns from the changing interplay of liquid. Quickly and easily, overlay watercolors on your portraits from gentle waves to dense swirls – make your pictures a worthwhile addition to the dynamics and atmosphere. Get the watery pictures and dive into creative worlds! Add the floating formations to your designs in just a few clicks. To create the effects, first select the pattern you want and place it over your image. After that, all that remains is to place the liquid pattern in the right place and to adjust the size and color.

You’ll get a wide range of different patterns that can be opened with most popular image editing programs. Grab these splendid water-based shots from photography professionals and use them as effects, overlays, picture elements, or background. Dive in and get creative!


15 PNG elements, to see the size of each image, please, look at the preview #7
1 Watercolor paper texture – JPG, 300 DPI
Compatible with any software that allows you to work with layers ( Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Paint Shop Pro
Note to the Lightroom users – you need a plugin that allows you to work with layers.

Photos (c) Adobe Stock