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Mandalas Artesanatos

Mandalas are spiritual symbols, representing the universe in both Hinduism and Buddhism. In recent years, mandalas have become very popular thanks to the rise of yoga and meditation, and have become a term for any geometrical pattern that represents the cosmos.

In this crafting category you will find an interesting selection of both simple and more complicated mandalas, perfect for any project you might have in mind. With nearly 50 designs and growing, you will find beautiful images, filled with color and made to look like flowers.

Mandala designs are used on any product you can think of - from bed covers and cushion covers to phone cases and even jewelry. One of the most popular use for them is as a design on blankets either to be hanged on the wall or used on the beach or in the park.

They are a great addition if you are creating yoga leggings and mats, water bottles, tote bags and home decoration. Mandalas are also perfect as wall or framed art.

Other craft ideas can include: t-shirts, mugs, greeting cards, scrapbooking projects, table cloths and anything else your creative mind can think of.

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