Single Sales License

This page refers to the Single Sale license. You can view all the licenses here.

You are reading version 1.0 of the license, valid up until 22-May-2018. You can find the new license here.

Single Sale License

If you purchase an item outside a subscription (a "Single Sale"), your purchase automatically comes with a Commercial License and is valid for life.

You are allowed to

  • Download & install the font/design from Creative Fabrica on your personal/work computers.
  • Create unlimited digital or physical creations using these items.
  • Sell these designs in exchange for money, services or other goods, think:
    • You are allowed to create items that you sell on digital marketplaces (Etsy, Creative Market, Your own site, etc) – There are no limitations on the amount of items you can sell
    • You are allowed to sell your items on physical markets/fairs/etc.
    • You are allowed to sell your items on physical markets/fairs/etc.
  • Use a font as a webfont (1 single license per website must be purchased).

You are not allowed to

  • Resell or distribute the fonts or graphics work-files:
    • You cannot include the actual font or original graphics in a design you created for a customer – a separate license can be obtained for this (example: when you use a font to create a logo, you can send the logo and all the source files to your customer, you are not allowed to include the actual font file though)
    • You cannot convert a font to different formats (for example SVG, Embroidery formats, etc) and sell those files.
  • Sell Graphic/Craft items on (Print On Demand) sites where you just have upload a design (such as redbubble, cafepress, etc).

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