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AI Art Generator

Spark your imagination and create unique art designs with CF Spark Art. Use our AI image generator to convert your text into an image with ease.

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Use an AI Image Generator to convert your text prompts

Watch your artistic vision spark into life with CF Spark Art. Whether you're looking for creative inspiration from pre-existing AI artworks or want to create something unique and different, Spark is an easy way to create premium AI images with just a few clicks.

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How to create AI generated images with CF SPARK ART


Go to CF Spark Art and launch our AI image generator.


Put your prompt in our text-to-image generator. You can choose from our predefined prompts or copy prompts from existing creations.


Choose your preferred ratio. You can modify the ratio of the same prompt to see the same image composed in different ways.


Click ’Ignite’ and wait as our AI image generator converts your text to multiple images.


You'll see up to four variations of your prompt. Choose the one you like best and click ’Publish’. You can use the pencil icon in the upper-right corner if you want to enlarge it further.

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FAQs about AI Image Generators

Want to know more about AI images? We've answered every beginner's most common questions below:

What are AI generated images and how are they made?

AI-generated images are photorealistic artworks created by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Also called 'generated photos', these images are made by AI generator tools that use text-to-image programs which produce visuals that artists can further modify or edit using other software.

What can AI-generated images be used for?

AI-generated images can be fittingly used in greeting cards, bookmarks, postcards, posters, journaling, and stickers and for anything you use other visual artworks for. They are commonly used for advertising, creating image references for 3D art, designing backgrounds for your desktop, website, or video, and even if you just want to make unique art.

Are AI generated images copyrighted?

The Review Board of the US Copyright Office has in a recent decision held that it is not possible to register for copyright protection of AI-generated images because there needs to be an element of “human authorship” when applying for a copyright registration. Since these are made by a computer instead of a real person, no one can currently register copyright for AI-generated images in the United States. We don't guarantee that in other countries it is possible to receive or register copyright protection to AI-generated images. Please make sure to use CF Spark following our Terms and Conditions.

How long will it take to create Text-to-Image Art?

Modern AI art generators usually take minutes to create images based on your prompts. Great art takes time but you can speed up your creation with the CF Spark subscription. You will receive 1000 speed credits allowing you to skip the queue and help you create AI art much quicker.

Top text to image AI Art from the community

Top text to-image AI Art from the community. The spark that started it all comes from our unique AI creators. As soon as we launched Spark, there has been overwhelming support from the community that used our AI image generator. Join our AI art community where you can browse and get inspired by other AI artists.

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Writing good Prompts for AI Generators

We want you to have the best experience in creating your very own AI art, so you can just sit back, relax, and see your artistic vision come to life! But sometimes, we all need a little help to get our creative juices flowing. Let your fellow AI artists’ pre-defined prompts inspire your next great prompt for AI.

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Everything you need to unleash your creativity

Besides CF Spark Upscaler, there is a family of AI tools available to ignite your creative spark. Create your own art, patterns, texts and more!

CF Spark Art

Create stunning art works by using text-to-image. Simply describe what you want to see and see magic happen.

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CF Spark Writer

Writing captivating copy can be easy. With simple instructions you create texts for articles, books, advertisements or greeting cards in seconds.

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CF Spark Flow

Transform your ideas into beautiful images and animations in a creative flow. Iterate on your creations to bring your vision into reality.

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CF Spark Patterns

Create repeatable patterns in an instant. Add your own detail to digital papers for easy printing and decorating.

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CF Spark Crystalline

Create clean and simple cut files. Perfect for creating clip-art and elements that are used for designing or die-cutting.

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CF Spark Coloring Pages

Discover the fun of creating personalized coloring pages for all ages. Print them out and start your coloring adventure!

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CF Spark Sketch

Create detailed black and white sketches with a pencil drawn look. Their clear background makes them ideal as decals, stickers and POD designs.

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CF Spark ImageMix

Create new and unique versions of an existing image you like. All you need is an image file or URL!

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CF Spark Prompt Builder

Write great prompts by selecting styles and details in the prompt builder and use them to create high quality AI images.

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