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Text to Sketch Generator

Create realistic and intricate sketches in seconds. Type in a few words in CF Spark Sketch and get detailed pencil drawings with transparent backgrounds.

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Turn your text into a sketch with transparent background

Become a sketch artist in seconds. Create sketches with AI and produce pencil-drawn images in different styles with CF Spark Sketch. Our text-to-sketch generator converts text to sketch drawings to transparent PNGs that you can easily use for stickers, decals, various POD designs, and more.

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How to generate sketches with transparent backgrounds with CF Spark Sketch

CF Spark Sketch is a text-to-sketch generator tool that specializes in creating transparent sketch PNG files from keywords or text prompts.


Type in your text prompt.


Click on the ‘Ignite’ button and wait for a few seconds for CF Spark Sketch to produce 4 unique black and white sketches


Take your pick and click ‘Publish’.

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CF Spark Sketch - FAQs

Want to know more about CF Spark Sketch? Learn more about the tool and transparent PNG sketches below:

How do I create sketches from text?

To create sketches with a pencil draw look from text, use CF Spark Sketch. This specialized AI text-to-image generator allows you to create sketches that are ready to use in just a few seconds. The sketches come out as PNG files with transparent backgrounds. To use the AI tool, simply type in a description of what you have in mind, click Ignite and wait for the tool to produce 4 different sketch variations based on your single text prompt.

What types of images are automatically generated by the CF Spark Sketch tool?

The types of images automatically generated by the CF Spark Sketch tool are transparent PNG sketches, or images that mimic pencil drawings with transparent backgrounds, meaning you can use them in design projects and use them conveniently for stickers, decals, and POD designs. The generator produces 4 different images from your text prompt. Each image has the same dimensions but has distinguishing details or differences, based on your prompt. You can choose one of these images to use and come up with even more variations based on it using CF Spark ImageMix.

Can I use the sketches generated for commercial purposes?

Yes, you can use sketches that you’ve generated on CF Spark Sketch for commercial use under the CF Spark License agreement. This license only applies to your own creations using our AI image generator. The All Access license applies should you download someone else’s creation on the community feed. If you’re not sure what license covers your needs, review our Terms and Conditions.

Can I choose to keep my AI-generated sketches hidden from the community gallery?

Yes, you can choose to keep your sketches hidden from the community gallery by getting the CF Spark Subscription. The subscription allows you to download your AI-generated images in private and keep your prompts hidden, along with other features. These features include monthly speed credits (to make your AI image generation even faster), unlimited downloads on your CF Spark designs, and the Spark License.

Get inspired by the community’s sketches

Discover the different creative output made possible by CF Spark Sketch by browsing the community page. Learn how to best formulate a creative prompt from the pre-existing sketches in the gallery so you can come up with a great one yourself. Join the CF Spark AI art community and post your own AI-generated sketches.

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