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Your Visual AI Image Generator

Get into the flow and create your dream visuals. Generate custom graphics, transparent PNGs and patterns and explore unique styles and effects.

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The best of Spark in one powerful AI Image Generator

Try the ultimate image generator that combines the best of Spark into one powerful tool. With CF Spark Flow, you can effortlessly transform your ideas into beautiful images. With its intuitive interface you can adjust your image until it matches your vision perfectly. Whether you're a designer, crafter, or simply looking to create beautiful images, it has everything you need to make your vision a reality.

Start your creative flow

Get started with CF Spark Flow in 9 easy steps


After opening CF Spark Flow, start your flow by describing the image you would like to see


Prompt suggestions can be added to your prompt by clicking them


Select the type of image you want to create. You can choose between a full graphic with a background, a transparent PNG or a seamless repeating pattern


Choose the style you would like for your image. There is a variety of styles to pick from, ranging from photorealistic to more stylized clipart-inspired designs


Optionally apply one of the effects to take your creation to the next level. With options like sketch or glitch effects, you can make your image truly unique


Click the Flow button to generate your 4 results


Continue generating based on your favorite result by selecting it and adding it to your prompt to generate new images based on it. You can also tweak your prompts and selected styles


When you have created what you wanted your flow is complete, click the download button on your creation


Start a new flow for your next idea!

Use CF Spark Flow

Create your perfect image

CF Spark Flow allows you to keep refining your creations until you achieve your desired result. Build on your previous output by selecting them to add them to your prompt to generate new and exciting images based on your original creation. As you fine-tune your prompt and styles to your liking, the tool also offers prompt suggestions to help you find the right words to generate your image. Through your flow you iterate on your creation until your creative vision is complete.

Start creating

All of your CF Spark Flow Questions Answered

How do I create image variations online?

Your flow starts with your initial idea and prompt and ends with the image you envisioned. As you iterate and refine your prompt and settings, the tool generates new images until you arrive at the desired result. If you wish to start a new flow, simply click the New Flow button to begin again from scratch. Additionally, you can continue a new flow with a creation by hovering over the image and clicking the 'New Flow' button from there.

Can I go back to my previous flow?

When using CF Spark Flow, you have access to the history of all the flows you have worked on in the left-hand side of the tool. If you need to go back to a previous flow, click on it to open it and continue your flow. Please note that your flows are saved only while you are working within the tool and are not currently saved to your account. We are working on adding this feature soon to make it easier for you to access your flows at any time.

What size are my creations in CF Spark Flow?

When you use CF Spark Flow to generate an image, the output format is a square image with a 1:1 aspect ratio and a resolution of 512 pixels in both width and height. While this is the default output format for now, we are working on expanding the options for output format and resolution in future updates, giving you even more control over the final look of your images.

Can I use my CF Spark Flow images commercially?

You have the freedom to use the images you create with CF Spark Flow in any way you like, including for commercial purposes, as stated in the CF Spark License. However, we do ask you to take the time to read the Terms and Conditions before doing so, to ensure you are aware of all of the guidelines.

Discover real-time AI Art creation in Flow by the Community

Join our immersive AI art community, where you can witness creations from fellow creators being generated, initiate new flows inspired by their work, express your love for remarkable flows, and effortlessly download their images.


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