Earn up to 100k by creating with CF Spark

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What is CF Spark and how do I use it?

Now you can create any image you can imagine and use it for your crafting projects. Spark your imagination with CF Spark by creating graphics based on a written description (also called a prompt) of what you would like to see. These creations are generated using Artificial Intelligence and are all one-of-a-kind.

Generating Sparks

On the Spark Create page you can try out different prompts until you find an image that you like, simply type what you’re imagining into the field and click the ignite button. If you need inspiration, make sure to check out the Prompt Book to find some fun examples. It creates different images for each of your prompts so you can choose your favorite ones. Please ensure you read and follow the Terms & Conditions before you start creating.

CF Spark Subscription & Speed Credits

With the CF Spark subscription you will receive 1000 speed credits each month. These speed credits are credits that you can use to create your prompts faster.

Each time you add a prompt, CF Spark starts drawing. This costs quite a lot of computer power and there is only limited available. The speed credits allow you to jump the queue and will offer the fastest creation. Also, you can add multiple creations in the queue.

When you have the CF Spark subscription you will also earn from your creations.

If you don’t want to pay you can use free credits. Right now free credits are unlimited, but you can only have 1 request in the queue and creation will be slower. Also you won’t earn from your creations.

If you are good at prompting, you will simply earn money by creating with CF Spark - how cool is that!

Downloading your Spark creations

Click publish on the image you want to turn into a product on Creative Fabrica to download. When you open your creation, you’ll see you are featured as the creator on the product page! You can download it with your CF Spark or All Access subscription or using coins. Other crafters can also download your design with the All Access subscription or using coins.

Can I earn with CF Spark?

Yes, you can earn real money with CF Spark. Right now there are 2 ways to earn money with CF Spark:

  1. We are having a contest in which the best creations will earn up to $100K, read this article to learn more.
  2. We are also working out the model on how to pay for downloads. Our subscribers will have access to download non-hidden creations. As they pay for their subscription we will be paying a small percentage of what they pay out to the creators! This means you are actually earning money for prompting - how cool is that!

The details for this will be released in the coming months. This means right now you won’t earn, but your current creations will start earning automatically once we release the new earnings model!

Can I remove my creations?

Yes! Simply go to the page of the creation you want to remove. In the right sidebar you will find the remove option (scroll down on the page).

Can I make my creations hidden?

Not yet, but we are working hard on this! This will be a CF Spark feature and you can use speed coins to hide creations!

Is it possible to have larger images?

We are working hard on this and this will soon be available!

My Creation is hanging, what should I do?

Sometimes it can look like your image takes forever to render. This happens when a prompt is blocked. Prompts can be blocked when they are seen as unsafe.

For example the prompts “A small girl riding a bike” will be seen as unsafe, even when it is clearly not for the human eye. However, we want to avoid misuse of the technology so when prompts involve children or racial slurs the tool will block it.

Images turn out blurry, how do I fix them?

If an image is shown blurry, this is because the AI thinks it is unsafe. This might not always be the right decision, but right now we prefer to choose the safe route. We will be finetuning this in the future.

Are images copyrighted?

CF Spark generates images completely through AI. This means it is never based on 1 image. Just like a human, when you draw something you refer to how something looks in your memory.

If you would draw the Eiffel tower, you would either remember how it looks because you’ve seen it in a picture or in real life, or you have a picture with how it looks.

The AI works the same. We showed it many pictures of the Eiffel tower and told it that this is the Eiffel tower.

This means that it is able to draw from scratch the Eiffel tower. Sometimes the images are not good quality or contain polluted data. This can cause bad results and we are working on improving that.

We used the free public data set: https://laion.ai/blog/laion-5b/

How can I change the ratio of an image?

Right now all images are created fully square (great for posting on Instagram!). We are experimenting and working on different ratios, such as portrait and landscape images!

Images are cut off, how do I fix this?

We are experimenting to improve this. We would advise you to add certain texts to your prompts such as “full portrait” or “show full face” or other prompts along those lines.

How do I change my name and avatar on my creations?

To update the name that appears on your creations and your profile, visit the edit my profile section of your account page and adjust the first and or last name. From here you can also upload your own profile image. Please note that it may take some time for these changes to reflect on Creative Fabrica, these updates will be performed in the background.