Stockphoto License

If you have an All Access subscription on Creative Fabrica, all Stock Photo downloads are automatically covered under this license. Easy as that!

You are reading version 1.0 of the license, valid since 12-April-2023.

License Summary

You will find an overview of how to use the licenses here. Scroll down to view usage details.

You are allowed to

  • Use the photo on websites, social media, advertisements, apps and other forms of digital media.
  • Create Unlimited Physical End Products, including any form of printed media.
  • Create photos that you sell on Print-on-Demand (POD) sites.
  • Keep using the photos after you cancel your subscription. For example, you are allowed to keep using existing "Banners / Shirts / etc" that you created while you had an active subscription.

You are not allowed to

  • Resell, sub-license share, re-distribute or otherwise transfer photos downloaded to other 3rd parties
  • Register photos or end products as a trademark in any territory.

Full License Text

This license is effective on all downloads made of products marked as Stock Photos on and after the 17th of April 2023. This license is an agreement between You and Creative Fabrica B.V.. When downloading a photo while you have an active subscription, you will receive the rights to use the photos as defined in this license. Permitted Usage
  • Stock Photos can be used to create unlimited projects and/or products (both physical & digital) for personal and commercial use.
  • Photos can be used for Print on Demand (POD).
  • You are allowed to use Stock Photos in any way you see fit except for uses prohibited under “Prohibited Usage” below, and as long as they are not harmful to Creative Fabrica or its brand.
  • This license is valid worldwide on downloads.
  • After your subscription ends, you can keep using photos that you created while you had an active subscription forever.
  • No attribution is required, but it is greatly appreciated.
Prohibited Usage
  • You are never allowed to resell, sub-license, re-distribute or otherwise transfer photos downloaded to other 3rd parties.
  • You are not allowed to register photos or end products as a trademark in any territory. This license gives you non-exclusive rights. Other users can download and use the products as well, so you cannot claim sole ownership.
Terms, Indemnification & Disclaimer
  • You agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Creative Fabrica B.V. and its directors, employees, partners & affiliates from and against all allegations, suits, claims, actions, demands, damages, liabilities, obligations, losses, settlements, judgments, costs and expenses (including without limitation reasonable attorneys' fees and costs) which arise out of using any of the creations obtained from this site.
  • In case You did not breach the terms & conditions of this license and suffer damages because of a photo used, we will indemnify You by refunding the full charge of your latest subscription charge, provided that you inform us within 3 working days after damage occurs. Decisions regarding settlements of indemnification will be made at Creative Fabrica's sole discretion.
  • Creative Fabrica B.V. is not responsible for settlements, legal fees and/or other costs made by any party without prior agreement from Creative Fabrica B.V.'s directors.
  • In case parts of this license will be void or invalid, the rest of the license will remain into full effect.
  • This license cannot be re-sold or transferred to any third party.
In case you have any questions, you can contact us at [email protected].