Spark Subscription

Everything you need as a creator to Spark your imagination quickly and have control over your creations

The #1 option for AI creators

What’s included in the Spark subscription?

The Spark Subscription allows you to generate faster and gives you control over your own creations. It’s a great addition to your All Access subscription if you are a CF Spark creator yourself and want access to all assets by designers and other creators too. The best of both worlds!

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Monthly Speed Credits
1000 per month
Downloading your own Spark creations
Spark License on your Spark creations (any usage allow)
Private downloading on your own Spark creations
Hiding prompts on your Spark creations
Downloading Spark creations by designers
Downloading Spark creations by the community

Skip the queue

Are you eager to see your newest creations come to life? Get 1000 speed credits per month that allow you to skip the queue with the Spark Subscription. Your creations will start generating instantly. Plus, you won't be limited in the number of creations you can make at once, you have the freedom to keep creating at your own pace.

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Use your creations how you like

When you download CF Spark creations with your subscription they come with the Spark License, a permissive license that allows you to do whatever your heart desires with your own creations. Whether you want to give them away for free, or use them commercially for your creative business, there are no limits to what you can do - the possibilities are endless!

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Your creations just for you

Some creations are good to share! With the Spark Subscription you can generate private downloads of your creations in 4k quality without publishing them to the community. Only you have access to your creations, which is ideal when you want to use them for commercial purposes or for print on demand.

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Keep your prompts unique

Writing the perfect prompt to create a beautiful image can be a challenging task. When you've crafted a truly amazing prompt, you may not want to share it with the community. You can hide your prompts so that only you can see them with the Spark Subscription.

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Downloading ImageMix creations

With ImageMix you can upload an image and get back 12 unique variations, giving you a huge range of creative options. To download your variations in the highest quality possible, get the Spark Subscription that allows you to download them in stunning 4K resolution.

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Subscription FAQ’s

Does the Spark Subscription offer any additions to the All Access subscription?

Absolutely! While the All Access subscription gives you access to download all assets and creations on Creative Fabrica, the Spark Subscription is for creators who use CF Spark and want to generate faster and have more control over their creations.

Do private downloads fall under the Spark license?

You can use your creations that you have privately downloaded the same way as your published creations; you can use them however you like. That means you can sell them, use commercially or in your own projects. See the Spark license for more information.

Do my speed credits ever expire?

The 1000 speed credits that come with the Spark Subscription don’t expire and stay on your account until you use them up. Each month an additional 1000 credits are added to your speed credit balance.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, although our subscriptions do automatically renew, you are free to cancel at any time. If you decide to cancel, you will keep having access until the end of your pre-paid period. After that your subscription will automatically stop and no further charges will occur. No questions asked.

Everything you need to unleash your creativity

Besides CF Spark Upscaler, there is a family of AI tools available to ignite your creative spark. Create your own art, patterns, texts and more!

CF Spark Art

Create stunning art works by using text-to-image. Simply describe what you want to see and see magic happen.

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CF Spark Writer

Writing captivating copy can be easy. With simple instructions you create texts for articles, books, advertisements or greeting cards in seconds.

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CF Spark Flow

Transform your ideas into beautiful images and animations in a creative flow. Iterate on your creations to bring your vision into reality.

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CF Spark Patterns

Create repeatable patterns in an instant. Add your own detail to digital papers for easy printing and decorating.

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CF Spark Crystalline

Create clean and simple cut files. Perfect for creating clip-art and elements that are used for designing or die-cutting.

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CF Spark Coloring Pages

Discover the fun of creating personalized coloring pages for all ages. Print them out and start your coloring adventure!

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CF Spark Sketch

Create detailed black and white sketches with a pencil drawn look. Their clear background makes them ideal as decals, stickers and POD designs.

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CF Spark ImageMix

Create new and unique versions of an existing image you like. All you need is an image file or URL!

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CF Spark Prompt Builder

Write great prompts by selecting styles and details in the prompt builder and use them to create high quality AI images.

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