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Teacher Club Card

Just $2.99 per YEAR

Unlock a fountain of teaching resources.

Teacher Club Card

5 downloads per week,
260 per year!

Teacher Club Card

19.3K resources available.
New ones added daily.

Silhouette crafting projects

Truly support teachers.
100% paid out to teachers.

Our Pledge

At Creative Fabrica it's our mission to make the world more creative. We believe this starts at a very young age and that education sparks creativity.

We strongly believe everyone should have access to high quality education, and teachers are the people who have the biggest impact in achieving that goal. Our goal is to give teachers the best tools to teach their students.

This is what Creative Fabrica Teachers is about.

For this reason we decided that 100% of the earnings for the Creative Fabrica Teachers subscription will flow back to the teachers offering the materials.

We believe this creates a fair balance between teachers being rewarded for creating materials and making resources available for a affordable price.

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Silhouette crafting projects

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Teacher Club Card

Contribute to the teaching ecosystem while earning extra income

Teacher Club Card

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Teacher Club Card

100% of teaching subscription fees gets paid out to teachers

Frequently asked questions

How are you different from TeachersPayTeachers or other websites that offer teaching materials?

With the Teacher Club Card you get 5 weekly download credits that you can use to download every teaching resource that we have in our library. That means that you don't have to pay for each individual download. You only pay a yearly fee of $2.99. You basically have all the teaching materials you want at your fingertips. Apart from that, you really support the teacher that created the material, since 100% of the revenue that comes from the Teacher Club Card will go to the teacher.

You stated that there is no commission paid or fees?

That's right, 100% of all the revenue that comes from the Teacher Club Card will go back to you - the teacher. That is because we believe education is important.

If there are no fees, how do you make money?

Roughly speaking, it's like this: Apart from teaching resources, our library consists of over 9 million fonts, graphics, and needlework products. These products are all accessible via our All Access subscription; our flagship subscription that gives you unlimited download access to everything on Creative Fabrica. Since most of our revenue comes from our All Access subscription, we are able to give back 100% to education - because it's something that we really believe in.

Am I still the owner of the resources listed on your site?

Yes, of course! You remain the owner of the resources that you list on Creative Fabrica.

Where are you located?

Creative Fabrica is used by people everywhere in the world, but most of our customers and users are living in the United States and the other English speaking countries like: Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. Our headquarters are located in Amsterdam, so that's where all the creativity comes from.

I don't see how teaching materials fit into your website. I was wondering how my shop is related to your company?

A lot of teachers use fonts and graphics. That makes it a very logical step for us to also offer teaching materials on Creative Fabrica. We believe that education is really important, that's why we decided that we don't take a fee or a cut from the revenue that comes via the Teacher Club Card; 100% goes to the creator of the teaching materials.

If I were to list on your site, would I have to take things down from other websites?

Not at all. You can keep your resources listed on other websites as well. So you can think of Creative Fabrica as an additional way to offer your teaching resources, increase your earnings and reach a wider audience.

What steps would it require on my part to get my resources listed on Creative Fabrica?

Uploading your teaching materials to Creative Fabrica is easy. First you open a store at Creative Fabrica. Once your store is opened you upload your teaching materials via our easy uploading form. You just answer the questions in the form, provide the relevant information and click submit. If you have a lot of resources to upload, we understand that it can take a long time. That's why we have a free upload service, which means that we will do the uploading for you! All you need to do is send an email to [email protected] and then we will send you a link with instructions on how to use our service. That's it. Easy right?