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How to Install Free Fonts on iPad
Jan 7, 2021

By Kymmie J.

Discover Fonts on Creative Fabrica and Install them on iPad or tablet

6 Personalised Christmas Gift Ideas
Dec 3, 2020

By Linnea Holgersson

Creative Christmas gift ideas for the holidays.

Personalized Christmas Gifts: Christmas Ornaments
Oct 24, 2019

By Linnea Holgersson

Get started with your Christmas crafting!

Meet a designer: Kate Rose from Digital Curio
Jan 8, 2021

By Creative Fabrica

Get to know Kate Rose, the talented designer behind Digital Curio.

KDP / Amazon Ads Tips for your Books
Dec 21, 2020

By Sree Ripan Kumar

KDP / Amazon Ads Tips for your Books

Our 18 favorite Christmas Fonts
Nov 26, 2019

By Hannah Sill

Get inspired for the festive craft season with these 18 gorgeous fonts.

What is Digital Planning?
Jan 11, 2021

By Kymmie J.

An overview on digital planning and what tools are essential

Create Your Own Cute Embroidery Baskets
Jan 28, 2020

By eva palme

Learn how to make these cute DIY Embroidery Baskets!

Quiz: The Creative Fabrica Christmas Quiz!
Dec 2, 2019

By Michael Allpress

Are you a Christmas and Craft Trivia Pro?

How to write a blog article for The Artistry
Jan 14, 2021

By Dani Zieren

Tips and tricks for becoming a contributor and posting your own content

15 free SVG files for Cricut and Silhouette
Jul 17, 2020

By Aida González Vázquez

Discover these free resources for crafters.

Print on Demand: Beginner’s Guide
Mar 2, 2020

By Aida González Vázquez

Learn how to open your POD store and start making money!

It’s Christmas Crafting Season! ♥
Dec 2, 2019

By eva palme

Check out the newest community crafts&get inspired!

Inspiration for Your Next Crafting Project
Oct 31, 2019

By Linnea Holgersson

Let the community inspire you what to craft next!

How to create beautiful cookie art with royal icing
Jul 26, 2019

By Linnea Holgersson

Bring your cookies to the next level with these cookie icing tips.

The Right Tools for a Sewing Job: The Old School Way
Jan 12, 2021

By Diane Earhart

Using the correct tools for a sewing job gives professional results

Fun Mandala Craft Design Ideas
Jan 12, 2021

By Sylvia Wu

Find fun ways to use relaxing mandalas in your crafting

How to Draw Any Image/Portrait & Design it
Dec 20, 2020

By Makram Shehabeddine

If you can draw or not, this article is what you need!

Kids Church and Youth Group Bulletin Boards
Dec 18, 2020

By Tina Nettles

Creating bulletin boards has come a long way

How to install and use fonts in Canva
Sep 17, 2020

By Aida González Vázquez

Learn how to upload your fonts to the software.

How to take care of your embroidery machine
Sep 3, 2020

By Aida González Vázquez

The best tips to take care of your precious device.

How to sell books and journals on Kindle Direct Publishing
Sep 3, 2020

By Aida González Vázquez

Find the best resources to create your journals.

Meet a Creative: Mae Hirota, from Faux Sweets
Aug 3, 2020

By Aida González Vázquez

Discover the artist behind the sweetest crafts!

Free machine embroidery designs for crafters
Jul 17, 2020

By Aida González Vázquez

Grow your embroidery library and boost your projects for free.

How to create paper flowers at home
Apr 7, 2020

By Aida González Vázquez

Find inspiration for easy and fun paper crafting projects.

The Beginner’s Guide to Machine Embroidery
Jan 28, 2020

By Linnea Holgersson

A step-by-step guide for Embroidery beginners.

Five Fantastic Latin American Scrapbookers You Should Get to Know!
Dec 2, 2019

By Maria Franco

These 5 Scrapbookers are setting trends in Latin America, get to know...

How to start an online business with Creative Fabrica
Sep 10, 2019

By Linnea Holgersson

Build a successful online business with assets from Creative Fabrica.

Wood Crafting: Silhouette Deer Ornament
Aug 15, 2019

By Linnea Holgersson

Step-by-step how to create your own wooden ornaments.

Quilling Tutorial: Master the art of paper crafting
Jul 30, 2019

By Linnea Holgersson

Learn how to create pretty designs using paper rolling techniques.

Learn the techniques of book folding
Jul 16, 2019

By Linnea Holgersson

Easy tips & tricks on how to master book folding.

When Passion Becomes Your Job
Jan 11, 2021

By User

The art of signwriting

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