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10 Things to Avoid on Social Media

10 Things to Avoid on Social Media main article image
Posted on February 25, 2023 by Giada Buccarella

Today we will talk about how you can avoid some mistakes when posting your content online, and we will see how easy is to improve our online presence with some little precautions! ready? Let’s dive in!

Tell me what you do, who you are, what you love

One of the most common mistakes when working on social media is building a very confused bio. As you know on social media like Tik Tok, Facebook, and Instagram you can add a small bio, which can include an extremely small number of characters.

The best to do when it comes to writing down a bio is to prioritize the most communicative and effective pieces of information you can share with others that never heard of you or what you are, what you sell, what you write, and so on.

If someone would look at your bio right now, would he be able to know who you are, what you do, and WHY you are using that specific app?

Let’s see which is the most useful information you can share in your bio.

  1. Your name or the name of your company

  2.  Where you are from or where your business is based, if relevant to what you do or if relevant to your business. For example, if you sell Italian leather shoes maybe sharing the fact that your business is located where the raw material is sold and curated is important and it’s going to add a sense of trust to your business. 


  3. Mention why you are here, just very simply. “I share my creations on this account”, “I like DIYs” or “I love baking “. 

  4. Private account: your social profile shouldn’t be private if you are trying to connect with an audience. We know it’s basic stuff but we like to set the record straight and avoid confusion, some people don’t open their accounts and we understand people have their privacy needs, but surely if your profile is not open you and your activity will not be able to appear on other people’s explore page. You are free to hide your feed and go private but remember you are making your content inaccessible to people’s eyes.

  5. Avoid Feed inconsistency. Creating content is not easy, it takes a lot of time, and a lot of creativity, and sometimes (well, actually quite often we must say), you may need more than one attempt to post something good. Sometimes you have the ideas but you don’t have the time to do them, and vice-versa. Whatever the case, please stay away from any form of irrelevant content that may drag you away from your focus. Example: you are a cake designer that posts pictures of your cakes and food prep process, so food is your first focus, and everything related to that.

  6. You should stay away from irrelevant and repetitive content such as a wall of super close-up selfies, over and over and over. However, some formats work great with the same video and photo setup but that is because is relevant to what the audience wants to see. 

  7. TikTok or Instagram? It’s common knowledge the most used social media apps for short video content are TikTok and Instagram. We could add YouTube to this paragraph, however, actually, we will discuss this later as YouTube is the main platform for sharing long content format videos.

    TikTok is known to make creators great numbers, and creativity is also essential. Following the trends of the week/season/month is also something you should keep up with. If you are active on both platforms this may be overwhelming, it may feel like a job within the job. If you have fresh content you posted on TikTok you probably will turn to Instagram to upload it. It is said that Instagram tends to avoid TikTok content and will unlikely make it appear on people’s explore pages, allegedly, we must say. When in doubt, try to generate content and differentiate between the two social platforms if you can. 

  8. Give text to your content. Additional text is a good way to catch people’s attention and it seems some apps prefer posts with longer text rather than no text at all.

  9. Buying followers – don’t do it. First of all, you’ll spend money on a bunch of inactive ghost followers, plus Instagram now recognizes these fake accounts and your page may risk going into shadow ban. We want to set the record even straighter – do not play the follow/unfollow game, and do not run giveaways to grow numbers, in other words, avoid any activity that will lead you to get a fake following because they will create stagnation in the engagement of your page. Ghost following will never comment or like anything from your profile. They will be only numbers on your page!

  10. Niching down means leveling up. Niching down may be the key strategy to many marketing-related topics, but it seems in direct contrast to what we have said so far – we said to keep it consistent and don’t go too far away from your main topic, so how do your niche down? It’s a slow and steady process. we could follow this brief list of actions:
  • create a following (big, small, it does not matter)
  • create engagement (asking questions, engaging with your followers, and so on..)
  • make them part of the process – let them show how you are approaching new things, for example, I bake pies -> I’ll show you my best recipe and ask you for suggestions -> I’ll follow my audience’s suggestion -> I’ll discover something new  – > I have new content to explore (gluten-free pies/food) -> I have reached a new niche and ready to explore it -> I have explored my no gluten niche -> I will discover a new niche in the field of food or no gluten food (i.e. no gluten cupcakes or how to choose the best no gluten pies flour) -> next niche may be -> shopping haul for no gluten food -> new niche may be best no gluten brands and so on. Obviously niching down must take time, and you can’t do all this in 3 weeks, because this would lead to audience confusion. 

    niche down

We hope this article inspired you and remember: EVERYTHING IS CONTENT! So don’t be afraid to experiment with it!

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