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4 Tips to Write a Killer Product Description for Graphics

4 Tips to Write a Killer Product Description for Graphics main article image
Posted on April 30, 2021 by Giada Buccarella

Today we will talk about something very helpful if you are an online seller, something that you really need to know in order to make the best description for your products.

We will talk about product descriptions, and we will understand why it is so important to write a good listing description, and how to do it.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

1- Why do I need a good listing description?

One of the main reasons you want a killer description for your item is to make it clear what the product itself is about.

A second and very, very important reason to write a good description is to avoid upset customers that may come back to you claiming they had no access to whatsoever information about your item, and this may lead them to leave poor feedback or reviews to your product. This is never a great thing and would put you in a not so good position as a seller, and most of all, it’s absolutely solvable if you redact a decent product description. 

People must be aware of each and every aspect or details of your item.

Another reason can be to make things easier when it comes to Google Index search; you probably already know what it is, but for those of you that never heard of it, we’ll try to explain.

So as you know Goggle is a huge search engine that likes to “know” as much as possible about pages on the web: what they are about, what’s in there, and it likes to store information about those pages. To do so, Google runs systematic “visits” to old and new pages that may be discovered in order to know what’s new information and what’s old information, and Google stores that information. Google wants to do this to be able to quickly offer suggested websites when people launch a search on Google, in order to give a speedy response to billions of queries that people type online every day. 

So, each and every word you type In your page, will be digested by Google and provided in the future. If your listing description lacks information, you have less chance to be discovered via Google search. 

2- How to write a killer description for your Creative Fabrica shop 

Let’s see more in-depth what kind of information you need to include in order to have a great description for your items.

First thing you want your audience to know is who you are, what’s your shop’s name, and where they can find you again.

This is useful because many people buy without knowing the name of the shop or the name of the artist, or sometimes they would like to know who made that and they cannot even visualize the shop icon handle’s maybe because they are new to the website. That’s why it is important to mention your own shop name in the description. The same should be with your pictures, your pictures should always have your shop’s logo or name, at least once on the cover pic.

You may insert something like the following: “ This product is offered / made/ provided by XXX shop” or “ Visit my Creative Fabrica store XXX to see more of my products!”

Secondarily, you must include details of what you are selling.

If you are selling on Creative Fabrica, only digital goods are being sold so you don’t need to clarify this in your product descriptions. For other marketplaces, such as Etsy, you should clarify if the product is a digital or physical goods.

If it is a digital product like the ones we can see on Creative Fabrica, it’s very important to write down everything about your product.

Some basics info to list in your graphic description should for a digital product always include:

  • Info about what the product is (SVG, CUT FILE, PRINTABLE, SEAMLESS PATTERN, etc.)
  • File Format (SVG, PDF, PNG, EPS, etc)
  • Resolution (300, 72, 90,..)
  • Size ( 8×11, 2000×2000 inches, etc.)
  • size of the product when unzipped ( people should be aware of how much the product is in terms of MB or Gigabytes, if they are going to save on an external driver or in a cloud or anywhere else where storage may have space limitations)

If you are selling something that can be matched with other products that you have in your shop, it’s smart to include that into your listing. 



Another kind of information that you should include is the possible use of your product. How can this be used? Can this be printed? Can this be edited? If yes, How ? Can this be used for sublimation? Decorations? And so on.

3- Displaying your description

It’s very important to know how to display your description on the product page.

Just listing the text as one paragraph will result in just a big salad of words that people cannot read.

As we know, reader’s attention span is very low when reading online and that’s why we encourage you to use enough space from each description section and if you can, use as many bullet points as you can. 

This will help your reader to visualize information faster. 

To grab attention and to create an eye-catching effect, you can also use emoji’s to emphasize certain areas of your descriptions.

It’s smart to prepare a “template” of your listing in a text document, as this will help you when loading your product and will also allow you to include some social features such as emojis or bullet points the way you want and then you can copy/paste and complete your description.

This is my advice on how to create a great description for your own products, but I’d love to hear from you: how do you create your own description? As always feel free to let me know more in the comments below!

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May 24, 2021

Thanks, Giada!

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