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Gaining Traffic to Your Shop With These 2 Platforms

Gaining Traffic to Your Shop With These 2 Platforms main article image
Posted on April 22, 2021 by Giada Buccarella

Today we will talk about some simple strategies on how to drive traffic to your own shop!

That’s it: you’ve opened your own shop, but you are struggling to get people to know you?

Maybe you only need to know how to redirect traffic into your own shop. It may sound easy but is not. However, it’s not that complicated as well. It all depends on what kind of method is most suitable for you. 

Today we will talk about some simple strategies in order to help you to gain more visibility and drive your traffic into your own Creative Fabrica shop.


Pinterest is a great way to drive traffic to your own website. It is kind of fascinating because Pinterest is a social network just as Facebook or Twitter, but it also can work as a search engine in a way that may remember Google does with the image research (although the two are very different!).

You should think about Pinterest as a huge visual library: billions and billions of visual information stored and inserted both from websites and users. 

As we said, Pinterest is a great way to drive traffic and convert clicks to visits on your own shop, but you need to know how to do it.

If you never tried Pinterest as a conversion platform for your own store, we encourage you to give it a try.

First of all create an account on Pinterest if you don’t have one. You can also choose to set your own profile as a business page, and don’t worry, you don’t have to pay for it, as you only pay if you will place ads on Pinterest. Once your profile is created, you want to start adding information to your profile page. You can see an example of this here below:

So you want your profile to be clear on what it is about, by adding appropriate information to the account description.

After this step, the next one is crating a board where you are going to store pins of your own products, and here is the most important part: pin optimization.

Many people throw pins here and there, but they forget about optimizing the pin posts. What does it mean? As you may have noticed, Pinterest is made of billions of images, but not all of them are optimized as they should. They do not have the correct size to work at its best on the platform. Pinterest has limitations on the way it handles images, because it tends to compress images that are small or too big in order to fit it to the feed pages. It is important to remember that the correct size of your pins is what will make the difference here. A correct size for a pin post is 1000×1500 pixels on the vertical size. 

You can create your own pin in the way you may like: on an iPad, PC, or mobile. If you like to try a quick and easy way to create your own images for Pinterest, you try Canva, which is available for free and with a Premium subscription. In Canva you will find many pre-made pin templates that are very easy and quick to edit, and will make this kind of work more efficient. Once your pin is created, it’s time to upload it. Before you post it on Pinterest, we strongly suggest you to RENAME YOUR PIN. Rename your pin with a very specific name that people could search for it on Pinterest. Why? Because as we previously said, Pinterest is a small search engine and very similarly to what Google does: it will respond accordingly to a specific query in the most appropriate way.

It’s time to upload your pin: don’t forget to create a title for your pin, a brief description, and a web URL! Pinterest takes about 12/48 hours to start generating stats and analytics for your own pins, but it’s very useful to know how many impressions and outbound clicks you images have generated. The impressions are the total of the people who had that specific pin in their feed. If your impressions are high, that is a sign that your file was renamed properly, and the title and description are on point.  

The outbound clicks are how many times people clicked on the web URL to know the primary location of that image. Outbound clicks are a strong indicator of what we are doing and what are our best items online. It’s good to note here that not all of our pins will generate a huge amount of outbound clicks, and there are many reasons for this, including glitches in the Pinterest system (you may notice a higher amount of impressions/outbound clicks or a lower number, and that may depend on Pinterest glitches, probably). However, you only need at least one good pin with a strong number of OC (outbound clicks), to drive traffic to your store. It only takes one Pinterest post to lead the viewer to discover your online shop and hit “like” or favorite your store!


Another way to drive traffic to your own store, is via Instagram. 

However, keep in mind, Instagram is extremely different from Pinterest so what we have just said about Pinterest does not apply in any way here. 

Contrarily to Pinterest, on Instagram there is a first odd we reformed to know which is the post visibility: on Instagram, posts generally have a very short time frame in which they are visible and pooping up to users feed. When we say “short” we mean less than one hour. Although there is no official statement from Instagram regarding any aspect of their algorithm many users noticed a significant drop in their engagement which may be linked to change in the algorithm. Regardless, what you need to know is that Instagram is a great way to drive traffic to your store. First of all, in order to make easier for people to know you, and what you do or sell, is having a good Instagram bio. Be sure to remain brief but clear when writing your bio. Be sure to include a link to your shop in your IG bio, and if you have multiple links to include, you can simply use a linktree handle.

On Instagram, engagement, consistency, and relevancy are the basic aspects to know in order to get more audience or be discovered. 

Contrarily to what people write, say, or suggest, there is no easy way to outsmart the IG algorithm. First of all, is a very intricate algorithm and second of all, Instagram likes commitment from the users. This means you should first of almost daily, or twice a day if you can. Even once a day is enough to build an audience. Instagram likes you to commit to the platform in the most possible ways: every way is a good way, for Instagram. 

Posts, stories, comments, DMs, tagging people… The new 2021 algorithm will give a score for all the activities you are operating on Instagram, and will adjust all future engagement accordingly to it. 

When posting on Instagram be sure to stay consistent with your feed aesthetic if you can. Try to post good pictures with a good light, make it easy for people to understand what the pic is about.

Instagram likes long captions, almost blog-like captions. A longer caption will keep your audience engaged for a longer time in order to read (hopefully). 

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your captions! The use of hashtags is strongly recommended when posting on Instagram, but try to change them if you can, maybe once in a while, and avoid using always the same 30 hashtags. Using always the same ones will only make you visible to those who are engaging with those 30 words. So, if you can, make a change once in a while. 

Building a strong fan base on Instagram might be more difficult than on Pinterest, but at least you may be sure that all of your followers are organically engaged and they are not the result of automated operations like bots. We strongly discourage you from the use of paid likes and paid followers, as Instagram can detect fake profiles and fake comments. The use of paid bots may lead your IG account to be shadow-banned, a condition in which a user’s profile still is active but is not showing into people’s feed. If your profile is in a shadow ban due to automated operations like bots and similar, we strongly suggest starting a new profile from scratch, as Instagram usually do not grant a suspension for shadow banned accounts.

This is due to the fact that Instagram supports paying companies that wants to pay the app in order to be more discoverable with real engagement and real people following them. Buying likes and followers is in huge contrast with what the platform guarantees with paying ads. So please, do not pay for views, likes and comments. And remember: organic traffic is the best traffic! 

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