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Key Importance of Microsoft 365 to Your Business

Key Importance of Microsoft 365 to Your Business main article image
Posted on May 31, 2021 by Daniel Martin

Efficiency is a crucial component for businesses. Every business owner wants their organization agile in competing within their sector. That’s why they are in a constant hunt for productivity tools. But, along with the search for the best productivity tool, some tools lack certain features.

An effective productivity tool should let users create, collaborate, and communicate seamlessly. By seamlessly, it means they can do the job easily anywhere and any time.

You most likely know and heard about Microsoft 365. Are you aware that its features help in your business growth?

For those who are not familiar with Office 365, it is the productivity suite of Microsoft. It is a collection of tools like Word, Excel, Exchange, SharePoint, Exchange, Teams, and more. Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud-based software that gives you full-feature productivity tools. You can access them anywhere, on any device, as long as you are online.

As these tools complement each other, it is a must-have for any business.

Let’s know more about the key importance of Microsoft 365 for your business.

1. Simplified Communication

According to statistics, workers claim that communication and collaboration is the biggest challenge. Miscommunication within the team results in lower productivity and efficiency.

Office 365 provides centralized communication through their straightforward tools– Skype, Teams, SharePoint, etc.

Skype for Business allows you to host a business meeting or conference with staff and external agencies. Meanwhile, Teams is an instant messaging tool. Users can upload a file and add comments which is helpful for collaborations. You can tag your colleagues to notify them.

Another communication tool of 365 Office is Yammer. Yammer works as a social network. You can post on the company newsfeed, message a group, comment on a post. Moreover, to be more organized, you can create different channels for different departments. 

These are some of the communication tools of Office 365. No matter the time or distance difference, you can collaborate and communicate effortlessly. 

You can tell the difference between a team with effective communication. They are more engaged, passionate, and knowledgeable about what they do.

2. Collaboration Features: Direct Access and Co-Authoring

Most businesses operate in teams or departments. If you manage business teams, Office 365 gives you the best collaboration features. Instead of sending files or documents, you have the ability to share direct access to the files.

Office 365 allows real-time co-authoring. Everyone who needs to contribute or edit a document, presentation, or any file can work on the same version. The changes will be real-time. Every user can see the edits and know what is changed or added.

It eliminates the use of using multiple versions or the risk of editing the wrong document. Real-time co-authoring increases the productivity rate.

3. Advanced Security Features

Some see cloud-based storage as unsafe and high-risk for a security breach. Truth is, they are more capable of recovering corrupted data. Along with other benefits, the cloud is a more environmentally friendly option.

Microsoft takes responsibility for the reliability and security of its software. Office 365 has a built-in security feature depending on your plan. Most of the safety features include:

Advanced Threat Analytics: It is a unique feature of Office 365. It detects and alerts uses of suspicious behavior on the network. Emails are scanned for malicious attachments. If a risk is detected, you will not receive the attachment. Instead, a message will appear on the email explaining the attachment isn’t there.

Data loss prevention: You can identify, track, and protect sensitive information from data leaks.

Encrypted email: Only the intended recipients can read your emails.

Multi-factor authentication: It protects access to sensitive data from different devices. If you are using a secondary device to access, it will ask for authentication.

These are just a few of Office 365 security benefits. Since Office 365 allows you to mix and match their features, you can add more to ensure you keep your organization secure. Choose the feature that best suits your business.

4. Cloud-Based File Storage and Sharing Capabilities

Businesses manage large files. Gladly, its cloud storage accommodates their important files. OneDrive allows users to access files on whichever device they are logged into. Moreover, you can securely share these files inside and outside your organization.  Whether it’s your staff or customer, they can access the file, if you give them permission to access it.

Aside from OneDrive, SharePoint of Office 365 allows you to share and manage files through secure portals. The capability to send files back and forth whether with a colleague or a client, makes everything easier.

5. Cost-Effective Mix and Match Plans

Business owners are particular about their expenses. They make sure that every operational cost will have a return on investment. You don’t want to pay for an expensive subscription plan that has lacking features, right? But, every organization needs different features. 

Luckily, Office 365 offers mix and match plans. Thus, the cost of Office 365 will highly depend on the features and capabilities you need. Moreover, it will save you from settling and compromising features. They understand that these plans do not support a fit-to-all approach. Thus, you can mix and match plans that greatly benefit your business.

6. Access to Latest Software Updates

Do you know what’s more intriguing? When Microsoft releases, will release a new version, you do not have to pay for an upgrade. You do not have to uninstall and worry about any additional costs. With the price you are paying with your current subscription, you will have the latest versions.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, you can tell how important Microsoft 365 is for businesses. It holds features and capabilities that will give a boon to your business growth. You do not have to go back and forth with multiple programs to mix and match features.

Microsoft 365 gives you the power to make an all-in solution with the features that you only need. Make your business work an organized and seamless one with the most innovative features.

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