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The Future of Online Learning

The Future of Online Learning main article image
Posted on February 22, 2021 by College vidya

Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” -Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin very aptly explained that learning is about being involved with the process. But learning is also about evolving the ways of being involved. As time has changed traditional learning has evolved to become more advanced and easily accessible learning. In other words, education has become even more easily accessible via online platforms which have been named Online Learning. 

What is Online Learning?

Online learning is a type of education that takes place over the Internet only. It is a type of distance learning and one of the most famous modes of education these days. 

Scope Of Online Learning For Both Teachers And Students 

This is an undeniable fact that online learning is spreading its tentacles and serving education at the doorstep. Although online or distance learning is not a new concept its use is growing rapidly because of the need for time. This has saved the careers of both students and teachers during pandemics. Earlier online learning was an advantage for those who couldn’t access educational institutions but in 2020 online learning became the need of every student and teacher. Some of its advantages are: 

  • Convenience: you can teach or learn from anywhere and anytime. This is the best part of online learning that can be adjusted according to your time and place. It can also help you in saving your traveling time and cost. Due to this trait of online learning, a plethora of students are benefited and teachers can make their careers easy. 
  • Innovative learning and teaching: Online learning has opened the gates for innovation. Here you can bring new ways to present your ideas to students and can use different platforms to reach out to your students. It also gives you the advantage of presenting things without much setup like in classrooms. Students can also be part of presentations and can get involved with the class in innovative ways. 
  • Better administration: online platforms provide a better administration as things can be managed easily here. Teachers can manage attendance and grades online without much hassle of papers. Students can submit their assignments online and can keep track of their grades easily. This has reduced the paperwork and so the pressure of maintaining records on papers. 
  • Economical option: online learning or distance learning is one of the budget-friendly options for studying. Students can enroll themselves at less cost and don’t even need to buy much material because they can access it online. Apart from this, students can also save on their traveling. This mode of learning has a long-term impact because of its less cost. 
  • Extensive outreach: As online learning doesn’t need any fixed campus or institution hence any student from anywhere can take advantage. All you need is a smartphone and internet connection to get access. Recent years have become witness to the increased use of the internet, especially in rural areas. It shows that even people from remote areas can pursue their learning with the help of smartphones and the internet. 
  • Vocational education: It is a fact that traditional learning methods focus less on vocational training and skills and more on theoretical knowledge. But one can easily get trained in vocational studies with a smartphone in hand. This is actually helping people in entering into the corporate world to make their careers. 
  • More interaction: As we know that online learning has reduced obstacles of time, money, and proper physical resources. So now it has become easy for people to devote more time on students. Here professors don’t have to travel so they are free to give extra classes at any time they want. This is helpful in increasing interaction between students and teachers. 

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The future of online learning has become quite clear after reading all these advantages. But there are always two sides to the coin. Online learning has made things easy but it has imposed some challenges too. Some of these problems are: 

  • Technical Glitches: Technical issues are extremely common while attending online lectures and also while giving exams. These problems also vary on the speed of internet connection and devices you use. Students from remote areas with poor quality internet connections and not so advanced gadgets are likely to face more technical issues than people with advanced gadgets. Technical Glitches can act as a discriminatory factor for some students during the examination. 
  • Distraction: Online learning doesn’t offer educational infrastructure like offline or traditional modes of learning. It doesn’t even have a fixed time. Hence, students are more likely to face the problem of lack of discipline and time management. Electronic gadgets also offer you distractions because of various applications. So it becomes hard for students to get focused and be disciplined. 
  • Lack of personal touch: Classroom learning offers enough time and space for both students and teachers to get involved personally. On the contrary, the online mode of learning doesn’t offer that personal touch or in-person interaction. 

As we can observe online learning has both advantages and disadvantages. But its use is increasing every day irrespective of the problems. It is possible because the availability of the internet is increasing at a fast pace and every second human are having a smartphone these days. 

The future of online learning is on the brighter side because of its accessibility and the need of the time. Problems like distraction and time management can be tackled with discipline and this issue is quite subjective. Apart from this, electronic gadgets are also easily available these days, even at affordable prices because of the increasing use of digital platforms and electronic gadgets. 

The Scope of online learning in India can be estimated by observing the fact that India is the second-largest country in terms of e-learning. The biggest advantage of e-learning is that anyone of any age group can access e-learning without any inhibition and second thought. This advantage is making e-learning popular in India despite its drawbacks. 

About the Author

I, Manish Pandey the new-gen Content Writer working with College Vidya the unbiased distance education web portal. I play my share in imparting the knowledge of distance education to aspiring students who want to continue education in every aspect of life. We work on digging out the seashell from the shore that will definitely make you a pearl from one in millions.

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