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How to Create Social Media Posts Using Canva

How to Create Social Media Posts Using Canva main article image
Posted on September 24, 2021 by Yvonne Simpson

We have all done it haven’t we? Spent time scrolling through Instagram or Facebook looking aimlessly at all of the posts and then just like that we stop and one catches our eye. Did you question what you liked about the post? Was it that the post looked streamlined and professional and made you want to look deeper into what the person or business was offering or saying? This proves that the way your social media posts are perceived is really important if you run any sort of business, or you would like to get a message across to people. Posts are your storefront and they have to make a great impact in a matter of seconds as we know how many thousands of posts there are in one day. So, with this in mind, your feed has to look professional and seamless. Once you get the hang of making posts, they can be great for selling and making some passive income. There are many posts that can be created and I will talk you through a few in a moment. To get started head over to Canva where you can create a free account and choose the template option. As you will notice Canva makes the job easy by allowing you to select which platform you will be using. For this blog, I will be making Instagram posts and this also works for Facebook. 

Now we need to find some content to put into the posts so head over to Creative Fabrica where you will find thousands of graphics and fonts that will work for you. There are some pre-made designs also, so if you feel that you are not ready to take the plunge and make your own or you simply don’t have the time then you will not be disappointed with the choice you have available. I found this lash quote set so I will use this. Simply select download and save to your device. 

As well as quotes, graphics, and fonts, Creative Fabrica have a fantastic array of photos that can be used on your social media posts. I happened to find this designer who did lots of lovely photos that I thought would look great in the posts. Again, download the file to your device. 

Once you have chosen all of the files you wish to use, head back into Canva and upload the files into your project by selecting the upload option on the left-hand side of the screen. 

Now I have everything uploaded into Canva it is time to start making the posts. As you will notice there is now a colour theme with the files I chose from Creative Fabrica and I will stick to these to make my posts aesthetic which will look professional and seamless. Canva has lots of templates to choose from but if you are going to be selling these then it would be best practice to not use them but to take some inspiration from them as they are someone else’s designs. For the first post, I thought it would be great to announce the opening of the business. You could build-up to the opening which will create excitement for the customer and gain interest. You will notice on the side the templates option, so click this and type in ‘opening’. 

As you can see, I have played around a little with the font by adding the lashes and changing up the fonts by adding effects and changing the font colours. All of the options to do this are on the top panel. Please stay mindful if you are selling the posts to make sure the fonts and elements you are using are free, and not part of the Canva pro-option, as this would make the buyer have to subscribe to Canva in order for them to use and download which would give you some really bad reviews. 

The next post I made was a quote post which is great for when you are running low on posts as they let the customer know you are still active and keep you in the feed. This was made using five of the elements that were downloaded from the one bundle. Again, let your imagination run free and play around with what you have, but also know that it can be as simple as two minutes to create a post. 

This special offer post was created by using a black background and using a free frame element which you can find by going to the elements on the left-hand panel. You will find lots of options for these and all you do is place the photograph from Creative Fabrica on top of it. Adjust as you wish and add some font. 

This followers post was made simply by using two elements of the hearts and dots. Adding some font and a simple square frame to it made it unique and was in keeping with the colour theme. 

The next post was again made using a few simple elements. Adding some text also finishes off the post. Do not be afraid to reuse the elements as this will tie in each post to each other. This simple setup of elements could be used on any sort of post. 

As you can see the posts I have created here are aesthetic in colours which will make your social feed look really professional. Purchasing a few simple products from Creative Fabrica I was able to create ten posts. As I said at the beginning of this blog there are many posts that can be created for social media such as, product posts, engagement posts, quote posts, competition posts, blog posts, news posts, follower’s posts, and so much more. Take a look around social media and take some inspiration from there. Once you have decided what colour theme you would like, the rest is easy. If you stick to it your feed will look amazing!

If you would like to sell these posts then I would advise you to make a copy of your design. Open up the copied file and click share which is located on the top panel. Choose the option “share to use as a template”.  Canva will then create a link for you to copy and paste into a PDF file for you to share with your buyers. Doing it this way also ensures that your original file will stay untouched. I hope I’ve inspired you to sort your social media out. Let me know how you got on as I love to see your comments. Let me know if you would like to see more tutorials. Good luck!

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1 Comment
Veronica Willis

November 15, 2021

Thank You Yvonne for a great tutorial!

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