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40+ Printable Graduations Cards Templates for the Class of 2021 (with Freebies)

40+ Printable Graduations Cards Templates for the Class of 2021 (with Freebies) main article image
Posted on August 26, 2021 by Zeldi Smulders

It is always an excellent reason to celebrate when someone has graduated. This year, make a card for the high school or college graduate (or graduate-to-be) in your life. While people make birthday cards throughout the year, graduation cards are usually few and far between, and this makes them extra special. Celebrate a remarkable milestone for the class of 2021 with your choice of graduation designs to suit your project.

Different types of card templates

Below you will see previews of different products together with the names of the designs. Follow the links to see more preview images and acquire the products. Thereafter, you can send graduation ecards by adding the graphics to a design program or printing them as is. Alternatively, you can make use of printable templates that can be cut and folded.

Printing the card templates

For your convenience, you can print these cards at home (and save a bit of money) and if you don’t have a printer, you can take them to your local print shop. Printing these designs on cardstock will make for an excellent gifting card and you can always print it on colour cardstock if you’d like to. Choose your design, place it and print it. Next, write a handwritten note or use a school font to stick to the theme.

Graduation Card for the graduate

Do you know someone who is graduating soon? You have come to the right place. Show them how proud you are and wish them the best for their future ahead with a fun card making project. In this article, you will find printable products for graduation card designs that can be used for design, brands, and crafting. Keep an eye out for a few funny ones in between! Find the best matching graphics designs or free printable cards for your new card making craft project.

Who doesn’t like free graduation cards? Read on to find a list of free graphic templates and card print templates!

In this article, you will find:

Graduation Card Graphics

Senior Class of 2022

Senior Class of 2022 Design

Next year’s senior class of 2022 can get excited so long. This graphic comes complete with a graduation cap, a monumental title, and a fun design of splashes and an arrow that shows the class having fun while moving forward!

Graduation: Congrats Grad Topper

Congrats 2021 Grad Design

This interesting “congrats 2021 grad” card graphic is made up of overlapping circular designs with a graduation cap on top. Using this graphic can add an extra artistic layer to your card. Try putting it on foam dots to lift it up or place it on a different coloured background.

Mini Graduation 2021 Bundle – Cut Files

Mini Graduation 2021 Bundle

Graduations caps and stars everywhere! In this mini bundle, you have a choice between different senior 2021 designs, inspirational messages and an emblem to signify this excellent achievement. This bundle allows you to choose what will best fit the graduate’s style so that you can incorporate it into your card making project.

Class of 2021

Class of 2021 Saying Design

The best is yet to come for the class of 2021. For instance, there is a graduation card coming their way! This graphic design has a mix of fonts and spirited decorative elements to embody the idea of celebration and future possibilities!

Graduation 2021 SVG Bundle

Graduation 2021 SVG Bundle

Graduation caps? Check. Students celebrating? Check. The year that made it all happen? Check! There are so many ways to let a graduate know that you are proud of them, and in this bundle, you can choose the one that best shows your felicitations.

To survive being a student you need a sense of humour. Spot the funny “I’m like 2021% done” graphic. Can you relate?

2021 Graduation Hat SVG Design

2021 Graduation Hat SVG Design

This 2021 graduate graphic has a pop of colour that draws your attention to the cap to rule them all – the graduation cap! Gold can show value or prestige and in this design, the idea is not limited to the cap but can be seen throughout the entire design.

2021 Graduation Cap SVG

2021 Graduation Cap SVG

The year is 2021, and there is a graduation to celebrate. Topped with a graduation cap, this design includes various stars that are as unique as the graduates themselves.

Hello First Grade SVG

Hello First Grade SVG

They have graduated from kindergarten and are ready to take on the first grade. Wish them well with a dynamic design featuring the tools they will probably be needing and using the most – a pencil and a whole lot of love.

Graduation Class of 2021 SVG Bundle

Class of 2021 Graduation SVG Bundle

Why not get everyone involved in the celebrations with this graphics bundle featuring various loved ones to choose from? The designs present a silhouette of a student, the graduation year and the role of the person involved together with a rolled-up certificate and a heart.

Graduation Cap

Graduations Caps and Students Design

Whether you are a proud family member or a friend who will graduate with them, you will get great use out of this design package. As the images of students jumping for joy clearly show, there is enough reason to celebrate! Pick the design that will best show how happy you are for them.

Graduation Congrats SVG

Congrats SVG Design

You’ll definitely be using this word on that special day, so it only makes sense to include it in a card. Equipped with a graduation cap on the first letter of the word and a swirly underline, this design makes a great topper for your graduation craft.

Graduation Bundle

Proud of the Graduate Bundle

This design bundle has got it right by showing the star of the show is the graduate. Between all the striking symbols and typography, there will be a graphic for you in this bundle, no matter what your relationship is with the graduate.

Class of 2021 Congrats

Class of 2021 Congrats

Consider including this graphic in a graduation card to celebrate the class of 2021, because this design will do it in style! Evidently, the addition of the celebratory banner, the distinguishable fonts and the colour gold is very suitable for a stylish 2021 graduation card.

Graduation SVG Bundle

Graduation 2021 SVG Bundle

Whether they call you mami, nani or nana this bundle could be just what you need to set your graduation card apart from the rest. Each design starts with a graduation cap on top, the word “proud” underneath it, followed by the title of the loved one. To complete the theme, the next two lines have the year 2021 in bold and the word graduate in the style of the word “proud” before it.

Graduation Cap SVG Layered Print

Graduation Cap and Certificate SVG Design

By using design elements like space and implied lines the designer has created graphics that are both interesting and attractive, and provide a great starting point for your graduation card making project. Just add your choice of words and you will have a classic graduation masterpiece.

Class 2021 SVG

Class 2021 SVG Design

Underlined with a curly bracket and dotted with small hearts, this design calls attention to a special 2021 class. Wouldn’t you agree that the placement of the graduation cap makes you think that this could be ideal for an A grade student?

Senior Class of 2021 Graduation SVG

Senior Class of 2021 SVG Design

Characterized by the elegant overlapping of the letters and the contrast between the two different fonts and colours, the Senior Class of 2021 will surely admire how professional this design looks and be glad to see it on their graduation cards.

School’s Out Forever

School's Out Forever Design

Should you tell them? Although the graduate might not be retired in the traditional sense, it doesn’t hurt to make them feel like they are for a while. This playful design is perfect for a school “retiree” and will even make graduate parents chuckle with joy.

Graduation Cap 2021 Illustration

Graduation Cap 2021 Design

Have your choice of a perfect graduation design with two options of graphics that include different styles of numbers, ribbons and hanging tassels in creative ways.

Graduate 2021 PNG

Graduate 2021 Sublimation PNG Design

See how the first number has a graduation cap resting on its head and you can even see some hats thrown up into the air in celebration? This design definitely succeeds in demonstrating a 2021 graduate celebration in a fun and creative way!

Graduation Family Bundle

Graduation Family SVG Design Bundle

If you are a graduate, you might want to show your gratitude to the people who got you through your studies. That’s why you can not only receive a card but also be the one to give a card on your graduation day. This cheerful bundle will give you the tools you need to do so as it covers the family members you might want to mention and thank.

Free Graduation Card Designs

Yes, free graphics!

Free Student Graduation Celebration Illustration

Free Illustrations

While it is standard practice to see a graduation cap and a rolled-up certificate, some designs are a bit more “outside the box” or non-traditional (but cute nonetheless) and you will find some of them below.

Find them here:

Free Gradient Colored Award Icon

Free Icons

Here are some pictures that you might not see as often as the graduation cap, but still represents this memorable occasion. Think bows, trophies, awards, certificates and ornaments!

Find them here:

Free Graduation Quotes and Sayings Designs

Free Crafts

If you need some ideas for a gift to accompany your graduation card, you can find inspiration here. What about a coffee mug, t-shirt of a framed motivational design artwork? What better way to accompany free printable graduation cards 2021?

Find them here:

Free Graduation Announcement Design

Other freebies

There’s no reason not to get creative with a graduation announcement or celebration. You can make this announcement with a sophisticated card template that will let loved ones admire the craftmanship as you let them know when and where they can attend the event to celebrate with the graduate. During that celebration, you can even gift the graduate something very special like a graduation themed explosion box.

Find them here:

Are you ready for more graduation freebies?

Looking for a congratulations graduation card template or a gift card? These printable grad cards will bring you the solutions you need. We’re talking free printable funny graduation cards, and more!

Download Free Printable Graduation Cards


You’ve reached the end of this article. Now, graduate with honours by downloading graduation cards designs and turning them into a card to mark the special occasion.

When you download each of the Creative Fabrica products you can read the extra notes on the product, including information on the file type and other special instructions on what you can use and how. You’ll have everything you need to start your graduation card making project. It’s that easy!

These are only some of the many graduation themed products Creative Fabrica offer. For other graduation-related needs, you can search and find options for graphics, fonts, crafts, bundles, and even embroidery. On top of that, you can discover free printable cards for all occasions.

Check out other creative ideas for the 2021 graduate on Creative Fabrica like how to design a personalized graduation cap, and more!

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